Beat Cancer!!!!

I am still in Las Vegas and you know how much I am into causes so I had to take a quick moment to alert you to this amazing social media campaign. Over the next 24 hours for every tweet, facebook update and blog post using #beatcancer 1 cent will be donated by ebay/Paypal, MillerCoors to cancer research. In addition, we are trying to beat the Guiness Book World Record for largest mass message through social media. Please join me, it is really easy and costs you nothing. It is the least we can do to help #beatcancer!!!


I hope you're having a great time in Las Vegas. We love this cooler weather.
La Jolla Mom said…
Renee, it was really nice to meet you at SITScation! I enjoyed hearing your speak and will be taking your advice. I follow you now. Thanks!

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