M.I.A. and a worthy cause!

Yes, I have been missing in action for almost a week now and with good reason. I have been a busy, busy beaver! Last Wednesday I left for Asheville, N.C. with a group of my gal pals to attend the Type-A Mom blogging conference. We hit the road in a car sponsored by Toyota - the Venza and had a comfortable ride all the way to Asheville. At the conference I was both a speaker and an attendee. I had a chance to catch up with my blogging friends and relax. Unfortunately, I had a camera fail so check out Mischi's flikr stream to see some great photos of the event.

I am writing this post while flying to Los Angeles for a blogging event. So, no photos - I am barely getting this post up!

More updates- yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of touring the Aflac Children's Cancer and Blood Disease Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Earlier this month I was asked to be an advocate for this cause and with my background in health and my interest in making a difference in the lives of others I had to say yes. My tour yesterday was one of many events that I will attend to help raise awareness about this cause. I want to devote a full blog post to this issue so I will do that when I return to Atlanta. In the meantime, I want to bring something to your attention that costs nothing but will make a difference.

Aflac has a cause page on facebook and for every person that joins Aflac will donate a dollar to the Children's Cancer and Blood Disease Center. If you choose to also give a monetary donation, Aflac will match that too! At the very least please join the cause page - we have until October 2nd to reach $1 Million and we are almost there. Also, please spread the word!


You are busy! Work in things like this move me to action. I am looking forward to hearing more about this!
Glad you had a good time at Type A- wish I could have been there! That is a great cause to support!
SweetWICK said…
What an easy way to support a good cause, huh? Those blogger conferences sound fun!
Al_Pal said…
Awesome. So cool that you updated in flight!!!
I joined the FB cause & shared it with my friends there! :D
Mike Brady said…
Will the Nestle family bloggers look at the evidence or just relay what Nestle tells them?
Ali said…
That does sound like a great cause! But slow down a little--you're making me tired!
hicksgirl93 said…
Busy, busy, busy, but what a great cause to be apart of.
Fresh Mommy said…
Wow, what a busy week, and sounds like a great conference and you're also involved in some great causes!! Love it!


Anonymous said…
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