A Life of Service

One thing that has always been important to me is service to community. For the majority of my professional career I have worked for non-profit organizations and in my most recent full-time position I worked in the government. The commitment to serve was instilled in me early by my mother. Despite working full time from the time I was 9 years old and being a single parent, she served on the Board of Directors for the community center in my neighborhood. Not only was my mother interested in providing the best for me( private violin and voice lessons, sleep-away camp, I traveled and attended a camp for performing arts). but she also was compelled to make a difference in the lives of others. Her impact on me has been incredible, at an early age I participated in all types of fundraisers for causes including jump rope for heart,cerebral palsy campaigns, muscular dystrophy, if there was a cause and a fundraiser you were sure to find me there. It is my hope that when my son is old enough he will appreciate the importance of service to others and I am always impressed when I interact with women that have an interest in service.

When I was on the set of Mom's Homeroom I had the opportunity to interview Alba, a stay at home mom of two. Alba homeschools her son Tyler and daughter Amber. During our interview she discussed the importance of "Leading By Example." She stressed her commitment to community involvement and wants her children to follow in her footsteps. Alba is involved in numerous activities including: being the homeschool leader in her community for the past 7 years, organizing a Men's Soccer league and most recently starting a children's soccer league. She is also active in her church and highly values her Latin culture. She incorporates learning about their culture into her children's studies and organizes annual cultural event. She hopes to take a family visit to Latin America next year to entrench her children in the culture.

Equally impressive is her commitment to nurturing her children's self-esteem. Referencing the book "The Five Love Languages" she described how everyone feels valued in different ways and the importance of determining how your child(ren) feel valued. Physical affection is common in her home and she believes that affirming a child will help them to succeed. I have to say that I totally agree with Alba and will be picking up that book too, not just for raising my child but for having a loving relationship with all of my family members. Alba was a joy to interview and implementing her recommendations can only have a positive effect.

I am working with The Motherhood as a correspondent for Kellogg’s and Mom’s Homeroom to bring you this great information.


Anonymous said…
Well I read that entire post and loved it! I had never really thought about differences in the way a child feels valued. It makes perfect sense though and I'm glad you discussed this. I'll check into the book as well; thanks to Mom's Homeroom!
Ali said…
Sounds like an interesting book. I have 2 children and it's amazing how kids can be so different in so many ways.
Julie said…
This segment pertaining to Albi with her beautiful,congealing smile was inspirational and a treasure worth contemplating. Albi is exemplar with her children and I commend Albi for supporting the efforts of all persons who strive to incorporate love into the lives of their children and their village families. God grant you, sweet women, the gift to perservere and I hope the world can know more about you and pertain to your exciting existence.
J. Corcoran said…
I am drawn to Alba for her goodness. Praise to you,Alba for leading moms back into their homes to find life fulfilled with a hearth and family.
Julie Corcoran said…
Alba successfully emances and perneads envirtued.

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