Oh The Places We Will Go

Yesterday was Mekhi's first day of school. Not literally of course, he is still a toddler but it is his first day back to daycare after a three week hiatus. During this time he has hung out with Grandma while mommy and daddy were away. Last week he met his grandpa for the first time and we also had adventures. Now Mekhi is back to school and I have mixed feelings about it. It has been great spending time with him. The joy on his face as he sees things for the first time (or tenth depending on what we are looking at) is priceless. Sometimes I just want to bottle up his enthusiasm for life and carry it with me! I have been considering keeping him at home with me full time but I realize that might be selfish. I observed him at school today and he was having a glorious time. He uses the potty regularly and actually runs so that he can be the first one in the restroom when the potty break is announced. Clearly he is gaining quite a bit from interaction with his peers and I don't want to take that away from him. While I contemplate the next steps for school I will reminisce on our recent adventures.

Last week, in addition to visiting the Martin Luther King,Jr. National Historic site, we took a trip the Georgia Aquarium. Membership has it's privileges, Mekhi never tires of seeing the fish.

We also took a trip to the Fernbank Museum where there is a dinosa
ur exhibit. Mekhi loved every minute of it and we are returning on August 22nd for the Dinosaur Birthday Bash. If you are in the Atlanta area and have a child that loves dinosaurs this is not to be missed. There will be loads of activities for the kids in celebration of the last day of the exhibit.

On Friday Mekhi and I had a sweet treat at Cami Cakes for a 
Sweet (Tweet) Up hosted by James (@keyinfluencer) and Sherelle Andrews (@funkidivagirl). The cupcakes were delicious and the company was wonderful!

Sherelle(@funkidivagirl) and Latoicha (@Luxetips)

Saturday I hosted a bloggers day at the America I Am exhibit. It was exceptional of course and having many of the parents bring their children was one the highlights of the day. This is truly an exhibit that is not to be missed, if you plan on visiting are are local get to the Atlanta Civic Center before it leaves the first week of September!

Sunday we took a trip to visit one of my good friends Talibah, she has a 7 year old ,Vesey and we all played in the park, checked out the ducks and barely kept ourselves from melting in the hot Georgia sun!


mommaof4wife2r said…
squealing with jealousy!!!!! and ur right...u did get me and denene connected. for that i shout, thanks!!!
Kelly said…
we took M to the aquarium a few weeks ago but he wasn't really interested. i wish he was as fascinated as Mekhi was!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you all had an amazing time. I love having Mya homewith me all the time, but will be putting her in a 2-day program so that we can both get a break. Lol
Anonymous said…
Oh Renee! That was like getting a letter from home :) What a very sweet post (I think it may now be my favorite).
He's such an inquisitive and bright boy, I know he must love school.
(Do we get to hear all about his new teacher? I wanna know!)
What beautiful pictures too! You're taking marvelous shots with your new camera.
I'm just full of compliments today and they're all sincere:)
Talibah said…
Such an honor to have been part of such an adventure-filled week for you and Mekhi. We can't wait for the next one!
Sage and Savvy said…
Wow...looks like you all had such a nice time.

DS1 just started preschool and it's been difficult adjusting (for me, not him!).

Thanks for sharing such amazing photos too =)!
Looks like lots of fun! He is too cute!
Ali said…
Wanting to keep him with you full time is not selfish it all! I kept my boys home with me and I don't have any regrets--I figure they will have a life time of going to school and socializing with other kids that I could have their first 5 years:)

Great pictures--my boys would LOVE that dinosaur museum!
Naomi said…
Tell me honestly- you don't sleep, right?! Just kidding, it looks like you had a lot of fun.

I really want to get down to visit that aquarium one of these days. It looks amazing!
Anonymous said…
It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I need to plan a visit to Atlanta...hopefully for next year!
Your son is adorable! It looks like you had a lot of fun!
Preston said…
Great pictures. Looks like everyone had a super time.
Kristen Andrews said…
oooh that looks like a lot of fun!
Victoria said…
The Aquarium photos are just gorgeous! It looks like you had a lovely time :)
Petula said…
Looks like so much fun. The aquarium pictures are really nice.

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