I Reminisce

The early days of my son's life are still vivid. Long sleepless nights, concern about doing things the "right" way and learning how to take care of a newborn. I was also extremely committed to nursing my baby. Raw, cracked nipples did not hinder me. On numerous times I called for backup, LaLeche League was great and Lansinol cream was my very best friend. I was extremely lucky that I did not get a yeast infection but I think walking around breasts out most days helped the situation tremendously. I was so comfortable in fact, when my aunt and mother were visiting they had to remind me to cover up which was hilarious. I was so entrenched in my responsibilities as a mother that I walked around oblivious to everything else.

My determination to continue nursing despite the pain of that first month hinged on my desire to provide the best for my son. The adage "breast is best" resounded loudly in the recesses of my mind and heart, not once did my desire to nurse waver. I know that there are many women that do not breastfeed, some have no desire and others try without success. Like everything else regarding parenting I believe this is an individuals choice and I do not judge others because of the decisions they make regarding this issue.

I do know that formula can be pricey. Obviously nursing is free but the few times it was necessary for me to supplement with formula I was amazed at the prices! Although I did not know it at the time, Consumer Reports actually recommends purchasing store brands because they are nutritionally comparable to brand name formula. Taking this action makes formula feeding more cost effective. Parent's Choice has a online baby formula savings calculator and I did a comparison - if I'd used Parent's Choice I would have saved over 11.00 per can of formula!

Even though I only purchased 2 or 3 cans of formula in total, can you imagine the savings if you formula feed exclusively? I never gave store brands a chance but now that I know the FDA requirements for formula are stringent, I will keep this info tucked away just in case there is a baby in my future!



Yes, I breast fed both of my girls and will breast feed my son in a couple of short months. I had the cracked breast and walked around topless, so that they could heal lansinol was a great friend.

Concerning formula, I think I tried it but it was a total was of dollars because I only used it once or twice. It should be more affordable for those who choose to use it. Expensive formula is yet another way new parents get bilked.
Threeboys1mommy said…
I tried breast feeding my 1st and couldn't, but breast feeding my last 2 boys came very naturally. I wish I had not given up so quickly with my 1st because he gets sick more often than his brothers, he's always the 1st to get sick, he's always sick longer than his brothers.

I have proof that breast milk is magic right here in my home.

Oh, and I heard about the store brand formula comparison when my baby was 10 months, wish I had known sooner.
Ms. Bar B: said…
Isn't it funny how this is usually the case with store brand products. At the end of the day, often we are just paying for the "brand" because that's what we have grown to trust.

Unfortunately for me and my daughter, our lovely nurses succeeded in giving her nipple confusion while in the hospital so she was never a willing participant of the breast. I was devastated, but both survived with a stint of homemade formula and store bought formula. Fortunately for my wallet, I was in a income bracket that allowed me to take advantage of the WIC program, so there was no cost to me for formula.
Sheliza said…
I never breastfed any of my three babies... My first two were on the leading name brands where my last one used the store brand. It was a HUGE savings and he is as healthy as his sisters ;-)
anymommy said…
Another little tidbit for you - I weaned my second baby at 8 months and formula fed him until a year old - Costco has great prices on their store brand formula. We saved so much money over the grocery store!
Tooj said…
I had this very same conversation with the Catholic Lady at work!! She attempted to BF one child, but it wasn't for her. She, too, recommended PC for formula and noted the nutritional comparisons. I was able to almost exclusively BF both of mine...only the older one went on formula for the last three months (I dried up from stress on the job)...but the 2nd babe was a 12 month success. I love hearing women tell their success stories about BF'ing. :) I also wish that others were as comfy as you and I apparently were...we could talk and help them through all the rough times that DO come with it!

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