A Helicopter Parent in the Making?????

So no one ever told me that there would be homework in preschool. The assignment was simple enough, put together an "All About Me" poster with my child. Mekhi and I do craft projects fairly often so it seemed like it should be a breeze. We have a ton of crayons, pencils, pastels, markers and glitter. The only thing I needed to do was pick up some poster board. In my usual fashion I added another level of difficulty to the situation. I decided we needed pictures and that meant wading through the gazillion photos that I have to determine which ones were poster worthy. I felt like Elaine on Seinfield, remember when she had to determine if a beau was sponge worthy? Why? Well, I only have a limited amount of picture paper. Four sheets to be exact. It was a mission.

This is preschool, I am really not sure why I agonized over it so much. I should have picked a couple of photos and been done with the process. But no, I decided I needed to do some editing and downloading of more pictures from my camera. It ended up taking a few hours - HOURS! Mekhi and his dad did the actual decorating of the board and it is beautiful. I just added the pictures after the glitter dried. Here is the final product

Age appropriate, yes? According to his teacher, Mekhi did a great job talking about his poster. But now I am concerned about my future. If I am spending this much time on pre-school projects what do the next 16 years have in store for me?


Naomi said…
I can relate to you! LOL My little one started Pre-K yesterday and now I have 3 kids with homework to worry about! She also has an "Me" box to be decorated. I ended up printing out a bunch of pictures from our recent trip to Disneyland. She HAS to have princess pictures on her box. Luckily the due date is this Friday.
Anonymous said…
Good Luck!! You might end up being one busy mom! The board looks great by the way!!!
That's a good question. I know with my 13 year old my husband always ends up doing his work. I have to yell at him to let the boy do the work himself. He's 13, he should know how to do something by now. But not to be to harsh on my husband I'm bad when it comes to reviewing his book reports. I know he hates it when I do it. He basically has to write the whole thing over and I can't believe these teachers let some of his work pass for a good grade.

It's good that you'll be on top of him because it seems like teachers aren't on top of their student works, or really don't want the best. (Not all teachers)
Ms. Bar B: said…
You did a great job. I would have made it even more difficult by adding stories for those pictures on the board, lol. I guess the important thing to keep in mind is that its just preschool, and the teacher is only going to give him projects (or should only give him projects) that he will need minimal fuss over. You'll be fine. Just try not to think that lots of time equals effort =)
Homework in preschool - oh no! ;) I imagine one of the reasons it took so long is because you were both having fun with it? Maybe the multiplication tables in your future won't be quite so exciting or time consuming...
I love the squiggly lines! Gosh I can't believe Mekhi is already this big. Wait till he's dating! LOL - wait...that will be my future too! Dr. Phil!!!
Anonymous said…
Don't ya love it? Oh yes, there will be more.
It's hard to make a child understand the weightiness of a properly constructed homework assignment.

We want to show them the value of doing a nice job, giving it your all and they're down the hallway kickin' stuffed animals after five minutes.

At Mekhi's age, you really have no choice but to carry on or else your kid looks bad in class. And then, Parental Shame.

Betcha get an A!
Execumama said…
Ha! I remember that episode of Seinfeld! The finished product is great. I think you probably spend a lot of time on it b/c right now, we're novices. But check back in 2-3 years, and I bet you'll be churning out projects (or assisting with them) in a matter of minutes.
Carole said…
Just remember that you are there to help, not do it for them. They have to be able to learn. I agree with Steph, I think you both had fun with this particular project.

I was horrified when I was at a friend's house and she was doing her kid's big paper while the kid watched TV and moaned about how hard the assignment was. The kid has failed in life, big time.

We all want our kids to be stellar, but we can't do it for them.
The POSHpreneur said…
it is CRAZY to me the things they have preschoolers doing now! I taught preschool in 2000 and it seems like things have changed A LOT since then! I am glad that it is more than just babysitting actually--good to see the kids getting challenged a bit more but yeah, just wait until 1st grade when you have your kid come home with full on projects that require YOU to look up things that you forgot about LOL


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