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I cannot believe BlogHer 09 is less than 2 weeks away. I remember reading all of the reports last year of people anticipating the conference and knew I wanted to attend this year. I am very excited about meeting the people behind the blogs that I have enjoyed reading over the last year. As people prepare for the conference there is talk of fashion. Yes, fashion, the dilemma of what to wear to a conference attended by at least 1000 women.

I am lucky enough to have Lane Bryant as a sponsor for one of my outfits. I wasn't very original and picked a look right out of the catalogue but it is so nice, even after spending a day trying out outfits handpicked for me I still decided on this one:

I am not sure if this will be too much but I am considering this shoe - what do you think? Zebra or simple black?

I am also wearing some nice accessories from Lane Bryant- black earrings and a necklace. I have to give a big thank you to Lane Bryant! If you are going to BlogHer be on the lookout for the rest of Lane Bryant girls who will be rocking styles courtesy of our sponsor:

Taste Like Crazy
Immoral Matriarch
City Mama
Secret Agent Mama
Kaiser Mommy


Definitely black or silver metallic shoes. O/w too much zebra. Jenn
I think the zebra shoes tie it together perfectly, although you'd get more mileage out of the black ones later. Decisions, decisions!
Either black or something completely wild, but fitting like...a painfully bright original Batman yellow. But that's just my sort of thing. :)

People will have to look pretty hard at me to see any LB - I only purchased bras because I found nothing that fit my personal style and everything I considered was too big for me. I guess that's good though? To be too small for something for once? *lol*

Still though, any boob compliments and Lane Bryant will receive all the praise. :)
CheekySweetie said…
I love love love LB!

I also love the outfit and think it will be fab on you. We only met in passing at BlissDom but you made an impression due to your exuberance. It's so nice to be around people who really LIVE life!

I would get a red shoe and purse, personally, for a pop of color, or a pretty summery turquoise for something different.

I'll be looking for you to see what you chose!
Sheliza said…
GO ALL OUT!!! Zebra!!! You are going to look incredible :)
Elisa said…
I think simple black for the shoes, but I love the model of ones you picked out!

Is that a pencil skirt or capri pants? Pencil skirts are so sexy! But Capri pants are reeeeally comfortable :-)
Naomi said…
Super cute outfit- I love zebra print. But I think the plain black shoes look better with the jacket. You don't want to be too matchy-matchy.

I've tried to shop a little for BH but haven't had much luck so I will most likely end up wearing the same old stuff I always do. You will laugh out loud when you see me and ask why I was even trying to give you fashion advice!
Sandra said…
I think with the zebra top, the shoes are a lot to take in. I would love them though with something red on top. They are very cool shoes.
CaraBee said…
I would go for some bright color shoes, maybe red or yellow or ooooh, lime green. But a solid, no prints. It's too much with print on top and bottom.
Anonymous said…
Well dear, I think no matter what you wear, you'll look smashing! I'd go with plan black shoes though, I think the matching zebra is overkill, but that's just me! If you love those zebra shoes, then you wear those zebra shoes girlfriend!
Dr. Rhonda said…
be bold! - Zebra!
Anonymous said…
Great outfit. I think you'll look super. Stick with the black shoes. (Trust me, we gay guys know fashion.)
Vodka Mom said…
WOW! You are going to be HOT!!!
Jennifer said…
What about red, hot pink, lime greean...a punch of color? Otherwise, I'd go with black. Very cute outfit!
Tooj said…
I say black or go with Immoral Matriarch and do yellow. I think yellow could be a great standout. :) I am so jealous of this conference that everyone is preparing for! Do you have to be a member of BlogHer or is that even something to be a member OF? LOL
Dude, I love those zebra shoes!
angie said…
So cool, Renee! Love your pick. I'd definitely go with sold black shoes.
That is a great outfit! I hope you enjoy.
Tanyetta said…
Lane Bryant is a GENIUS!

I am so excited for all of you! Can't wait to see the fashions. You're going to look fabulous :)
Anonymous said…
What a cool sponsor to have! Looking forward to meeting you there!

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