This post was inspired by a visit to my friend Cheryl's Blog about giggles. In her post she focused on the urge to laugh uncontrollably regardless of the appropriateness of the situation. The most memorable fit of giggles that I've had occurred shortly after I had a myomectomy (fibroid removal surgery). It was my first time having major surgery and the healing process was about six months. Think of it as the same surgery as a c-section without the joy of a baby.

Anyhow, when I was recovering I had to be careful when sneezing (holding a pillow to my stomach was advised) and was also told to refrain from laughter. You never think about how much work these activities put your abdominal muscles through until you are banned from doing them.

So, one evening I was watching The Surreal Life while talking to my husband (then boyfriend) on the phone. I think I was home from the hospital for three days and we were living in different states. He came to help me during my recovery the following week but checked on me during the day by phone until his visit. As I gave him an update about my progress, I saw mini-me on the Surreal Life getting totally wasted. Imagine a little person falling over drunk, I found it sad really and not very comical.

That is until he decided to "be free." His housemates helped him to bed but he decided to remove all of his clothing to retire. At one point he decided he had to go to the bathroom, he mounted his electric scooter in search of the bathroom, apparently in his drunken state he got lost because he commenced to peeing in the corner. A Naked. Little. Person. Peeing. In. The. Corner.


Remember, I was recouping from surgery and told not to laugh. I laughed so hard that tears were coming down my face because of the pain. My husband told me to turn off the tv which I did but that certainly did not cure my giggles. In my mind all I could see was mini-me peeing in the corner.

I walked into my bedroom for a change of scenery but that didnt' work either. I stopped laughing momentarily until my husband told me I sounded like a hyenna and off to the races, my giggling started again. Long after we got off the phone and late into the night any thoughts of mini-me made me laugh hysterically.

Painful, yes. But completely and totally worth it. Here is a video of a talkshow host who is laughing inappropriately but he can't help it. Some say this video is fake others say it is real and he lost his position after the taping. Whatever the case, it is hilarious! Thanks Cheryl.


Anonymous said…
I am so glad to know that it's not just me. Sometimes when the smallest thing strikes you as funny, you just cannot stop giggling, no matter what.

Because they told you NOT to laugh, you just had to go and do it, didn't you?
I have those times as well. I can laugh until I stop breathing. Tears and everything but no breath it's crazy (not to mention scary at times).
Anonymous said…
I don't watch the surreal life but I happend to see that one. Laughter is good for the soul. And when something sticks with you to make you laugh more, that's even better. Hope you gets lot of laughter at Blogher
hicksgirl93 said…
Ok that video clip of the host laughing inappropriately was soooo funny! When you get the giggles sometimes you really just cannot help it. I've been guilty of it at our Sunday Meeting for worship, and to make matters worse it would be me AND my husband and one time it was He, and I PLUS our two children! Embarassing INDEED.
Mocha Dad said…
Laughter is the best medicine. Giggles are good too.

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