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I have never been a big celebrant of the 4th of July. Ocassionally I've been invited to barbeques and I once hosted one (not my idea but did by special request). The one thing that I do enjoy and don't do often enough is watch a fireworks show. I think my love affair with fireworks began as a child. My earliest memory is the 1976 clebration of our bicentennial. In the town that I grew up fireworks were an annual affair, but that year the Grucci Brothers outdid themselves. I am pretty sure that music was not playing that night but as I aged the soundtrack playing in the background was just as important as the pyrotechnics in the sky above.

The music - yes, the music, fireworks are meant to be accompannied by loud classical music, the beat of the tipani and the reverb in my chest of the explosions are simply magical. There are several shows that standout in my mind. First, the recent showI've seen,
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth a Disney production. It was simply fabulous. We are talking about Disney afterall.

The next show that is forever embeded in my mind is the world famous Macy's 4th of July fireworks. I had the luck to view it in the VIP section - no standing for us and full enjoyment of the performances prior to the main attraction. Sitting on the Hudson, hearing the roar of the fireworks and the outstanding music was an experience that was amazing.

Finally, a show that I saw in Cape Town South Africa, on the waterfront with my mother. The National Symphony Orchestra played while the fireworks exploded overhead. It was a majestic display that I can still recall vividly a decade later.

Fireworks. With my head uplifted watching the sky, ohhing and aahhing I release my inhibitions and simply feel like a child.

What makes you feel this way? Whatever it is I encourage you to take a moment and experience it this weekend. Celebrate - the 4th, celebrate you, your family, your blessings. And I will work on capturing special moments with my child.


Anonymous said…
It's a small town parade that does it for me.
I was feeling a bit melancholy this morning, thinking how things always change, why do they have to change..?

Then I thought of the 4th of July in my hometown, it's not changed in 40 years. From the time I was wee small, residents lined main street to see firetrucks, clowns, local politicians and high school bands.
Some things never change :)
Marvin D Wilson said…
For me it's setting off fireworks in the street for my grandkids. Got a brand new grandson, it'll be his first experience, so - very cool. ;)

Hey Renee, did you hear that the Google Nazis zapped my Free Spirit blog? Yep. Gonzo. Kaput. I have a new blog with my own domain now - hope you'll stop by. :)

The Old Silly
Angie Marion said…
I LOVE fireworks too! We'll be seeing some Sunday and visiting with family tomorrow. Have a great holiday with your gorgeous boy!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Fireworks are all I really need on the 4th of July too. I love them, although I haven't had the pleasure of enjoying them with a soundtrack. Only the soundtrack of the emotions the display brings out of the crowd gathered to watch.

I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow.
CaraBee said…
I love fireworks. With or without music. The magic is in the awe on the faces of those watching. We're not going to watch a fireworks display this year, but next year, when Sophie is big enough to stay up, we'll definitely going.
My family was together today, my husband and I, with our 5 children, at my parents and a few cousins and aunts. The day was great! It felt like the amazment of fireworks just to see my Dad, who has been recovering from a devestating gun shot wound, up and about, and starting to thrive again. Wanting to see actual fireworks, no one wanted to go to the river with me!
PamperingBeki said…
Oh I'll bet 4th of July at Disney is fabulous!! I love anything Disney.

My camera is a Canon Rebel. :) I love it and highly reccomend it!

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