My Son is Two - the age of love and war

Oh the beauty of a two year old child. My son is articulating his wants and needs, entertaining himself (and me) more often and learning all about his world. He is cute, funny and also has the ability to pluck my last nerve. Living with him has been interesting. He constantly tests his boundaries with me. He tests his father too but I think the bass in his voice gives him a special advantage over me.

With the encouragement of my friend Kristina I am becoming more of a disciplinarian. I have started initiating time outs again with the hope that he will understand that when mommy calls that does not mean it is time to initiate is a game of chase. I am about serious business and hopefully he will get the message. I elaborated on my plight today on BlogHer and you can read that post by clicking here. I know I am not alone in dealing with the challenges of a two year old and am interested in hearing your thoughts about this age. I will take any and all suggestions that will help me through this fun but trying period in my son's development.


Sha Boogie said…
Your son is so cute!!! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little guy (Sept 26) and can't wait to meet him :)
Lukeither said…
This age is the age that most parents want to quickly forget about. As I've shared with my friends who are new parents and just about at wits ends with this age, it goes by quicker than you realize.

Another thing to think of when he starts plucking the nerves and they will because they're just that cleaver is all the parents who can't have children or have lost a child and will never "enjoy this experience".

Caution: This may not be the same case with boys but mine lasted with my daughter until she was in the third grade and she finally started to calm down.

Enjoy your beautiful bundle of blessings.
hicksgirl93 said…
Yes the Two's can be challenging...although he is so adorable in person! But, um, you aint seen nothing yet, wait until he turns ten (the age of my son). Don't get me started....
A Classic Tale said…
I too am a mom of a 2 year old actually 2 1/2 now. It seemed to me that the most challenging time was when our little guy first started talking....the power of words! We did not do time outs though....just stayed consistent. Ie if he wanted icecream before he was done with dinner, we told him to take one more bite, them put one more bite directly on his fork and said "one more bite then icecream", still a no? next step remove him from the highchair and tell him no bite no icecream....amazingly enough when we asked him again he wanted back in his chair to take one more bite! Then we quickly rewarded him with praise and his icecream. We use these same steps over and over again in different situations...sometimes staying near while he throws a tantrum but eventually he comes around. Patience, Patience, Patience & don't let him know that you're frustrated or mad....try to keep an even keel (I know it's hard) Good luck!
You are so scaring me. My little man already seem to be entering the stage of two, the only thing is he is 10 months and he can't speak. so I have no idea what he says and he gets so upset because I don't know. What am I going to do when he gets that age?
Fishy Fish said…
Oh the age of the terrible I remember those days with my godchildren. I was the scapegoat for their parents....neing the babysitte before they were committed to a psych ward.
CaraBee said…
We're coming up on this age, although I feel like we've already hit the terrible twos. Man, can my girl push my buttons. When you figure out how to get through this stage, can you pass along your wisdom, because there are some days where I am not sure we'll all going to make it out unscathed.
Ah, the terrible 2s. My baby hasn't even born yet and I'm dreading the day she turns 2. Hang in there!
Love your blog (especially the cakes) following. Give ATL a BIG HUG for me (lived there 10 yrs until last summer and miss it).

p.s. thanks for leaving some comment luv for me!
Lynn said…
Use sticktoitiveness. One day after he awakes from a nap, it will seem like he grew mentally 2 more years and is the most obedient child to your requests. Consistency and lots of loves and hugs when he DOES do it on the first try. "I LOOOOOVE how obedient you were just then. You make me so proud when you do that!" accompanied with an over the top hug or kiss will throw him for a good loop and he will want to repeat it again. Just a few things I've tried and they have worked.

My best, Lynn
*hang in there!
Petula said…
Yes, two is a very "interesting" age. My youngest is also two and I think she has been the most trying of all of my children. She has a very strong will (stronger than my other children at the same age) and often gets very close to winning the battle of the wills.

I don't know about your son, but my youngest daughter is the type of child who you can't give an inch to. You must always be on top of her or you'll have to start all over the next day. Despite the love and fun I try to give her I have to remember that because of her personality the does and do nots can not be blurred.

Hopefully it'll get better for you... and me! :D

but ahhh yes... my boy just turned 2 and opinions about EVERYTHING came with it. hehe. we too started the time outs again!
The POSHpreneur said…
My son is 3 and is still like he was when he was 2...wait, no he has gotten worse because now he can talk better! lol Oh I hope that this phase goes quickly...for the both of us! ;)
Meghan said…
Oh sister!
If you can find an answer let me know b/c it's a daily chase when I pick up my Cheekers (3 in August).

Not to mention he just doesn't listen.

I say lots of booze will help you through. LOL
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