The Celebration Continues

My life as a mother has been filled with numerous highs and lows. I can vividly recall my son's first week of life and how afraid I was to make a mistake. A couple of years later I understand that although mistakes may happen they are a part of the learning process. And parenting truly is all about learning. One of the things that I've come to understand is that birthday celebrations are both for my birthday boy and for me. I am aware that many parents have grand celebrations with friends and family traveling from near and far to celebrate. In my home we keep things pretty low key, his first birthday was celebrated by me, my mother, husband and of course Mekhi. It was just enough for a one year old and I still did some running around for the cake and decorations.

This year I took cupcakes to Mekhi's preschool on his birthday and on the weekend my husband and I took him to the aquarium. Mekhi loved every minute. The celebration around here continues, my in-laws are in town. Yesterday everyone went to the aquarium - birthday rewind and my son certainly can appreciate the fun. Today's plans include seeing the movie Up and cake and ice cream this evening. Having my family here to celebrate the birth of my son is perfect. Low-key and full of activity. I will leave the big birthday blowout for another year.

Seeing the wonderment on my child's face at the aquarium was a precious gift. I know that I am blessed every time I see my son smile, reach a milestone and even have a tantrum. There are so many mothers that cannot wait for birthdays to celebrate their child - every breath is cause for celebration. This is why I support the March of Dimes - they provide support for premature babies and when my friend Heather lost her precious Maddie earlier this year, Heather asked that donations be made to the March of Dimes.

Diane Burch is an up and coming artist and I am posting her widget because a $1 from every purchase made will benefit the March Of Dimes.

You can learn more about the program here and choose one of 6 organizations to support on your blog as well (and possibly win a free private concert in your hometown). Or simply make a purchase and support the March of Dimes.

I admire Diane Burch for showing support to agencies that make a difference in the lives of others. I did receive a copy of her CD that I enjoyed but I have to say that her efforts are wonderful and now I admire her even more.


Beautiful pic of him looking at the sealife. Sounds like you're not making the mistake that many mothers make, sinking into guilt over being imperfect as though anybody is. Good for you!
What a cutie pie & he is mesmerized! Don't you just love to see wonder in their eyes & on their faces? It's precious. Enjoy your little man.
Execumama said…
Cupcakes AND cool fish?! Mekhi made out like a bandit! Happy belated, Mekhi, and happy official toddler-having milestone to you and the hubs! They grow up so fast. It's amazing how at times it can feel as though we just had them, and now he'll be holding up two whole fingers when asked his age!!!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Those were some beautiful fish. You are so right, everyday our children give us reasons to celebrate them.

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