BlogHer '09 Meeting in Real Life!

One of my favorite things about blogging is the community. Reading the words of others provides me with insight into their lives. I truly enjoy sharing my life with individuals both near and far. It is always a special treat to meet some of these women (and men) in real life. This year I will not only be attending my first Blogher conference but I will also have the privilege to speak on the panel "Mommy Blogging: What is your tribe?" This excites me to no end but I am most looking forward to meeting my friends that I know only by way of my computer screen. I feel very connected to my blogging friends despite distance. Each and every time I meet one of my blogging buddies I say the same thing ,"this is our first time meeting but I know you." And I do. Opening up your life to strangers is both liberating and bonding and after awhile these individuals are no longer strangers but friends. Friends that cheer for you in the good times and lend a helping hand when times are rough. Community. That is what blogging means to mean and BlogHer '09 "In Real Life" is all about community.

Over the past two weekends there were BlogHer meetups in cities all over the country. The meetups provided attendees of BlogHer '09 a chance to meet local bloggers prior to the conference. The idea of walking into a room of 1500 people and seeking out the ones you "know" can be dauting. Meeting here in Atlanta we can coordinate schedules and maybe even be fly to Chicago together. The meet-up was also an opportunity for those not going to the conference to meet local bloggers, talk shop and have a nice get together. On Saturday I hosted one of these meet-ups for Atlanta based bloggers. We really had a wonderful time and although it was initially planned for two hours by hour three we wrapped up and mostly because babysitters were home waiting!

The group was a mix of fairly new and seasoned bloggers. One of the things that was most striking was the free flowing conversation and exchange of ideas and knowledge. From the newest blogger to the oldest everyone had valuable insight to share. Charming Charlie accessories provided a door prize which was a special treat and at the end of the day people were asking when the next meetup will take place. Perhaps we can do it again fairly soon. I know I would love to chat with the ladies again.

Thank you to all the ladies that came out - Jennifer, Christie, Dawn, Kelly, Ericka, Sandra and Naomi. I also have to acknowledge my son Mekhi who attended with me and was a total trooper!


I agree with you about the blogging community. People sometimes ask me why I do it and I'm quick to tell them about my online friends that I've made over the years.
I'm so sad that I missed this. I thought it was the weekend before, the weekend I was in Asheville. :(
I'm so sorry I missed out! Was in ER with looks like y'all had a remarkable time. I look forward to meeting everyone soon and seeing y'all in Chicago.
mrs.notouching said…
I will second the thoughts on blogging community. I just started blogging but already met 3 other bloggers in my area and we now meet almost every week! Hope I can go to BlogHer next year!
I'm not going to blogher her this year, but hope to be there next year. :( Do they have any meetups in the DC,VA,MD area. I never seem to hear about those.
The POSHpreneur said…
how fun that must have been! I'm excited for BlogHer and all the new info I will learn from ppl like you who I admire. :)
CaraBee said…
There was talk of a DC Area meetup, but I don't think it ever happened. If it did, whoops, I'm out of the loop. I'm very much looking forward to Blogher and, of course, to finally meeting you!
Tooj said…
It sounds like you guys will have a great time, especially if you're already doing meet and greets. Having some familiar faces in the crowd should be helpful. :)
Sheliza said…
Very cool! I would really love to meet some of my fellow bloggers :)
Ali said…
I always call my blog buddies my friends too--I love it! Maybe one of these days I'll make it to a meet up.
Man, I GOTTA get to one of those conventions. The blogging community is, I agree a wealth of relationships and wonderful people to meet and make friends with. Meeting some of my favorite blogger buds in person would be off the hook!

The Old Silly From Free Spirit Blog
Man, I GOTTA get to one of those conventions. The blogging community is, I agree a wealth of relationships and wonderful people to meet and make friends with. Meeting some of my favorite blogger buds in person would be off the hook!

The Old Silly From Free Spirit Blog
Fishy Fish said…
Oh wow this looks fun and verymuch entertaining...i would love to attend a gathering with the many people whos blogs i read as well as though who read mine.
T.Allen-Mercado said…
With so much growth and change that has happened to me these past three years, I think my blogosphere friends know more about me than my in-person friends. I hope to meet some of you soon! *Waves to Mekhi*
Tanyetta said…
So much fun! I wish we were still in florida cutting it up :)
Oh fun... sorry I missed it... again. Looks like all my favorite bloggy buddies were in the house!
angie said…
What a great way to get to know others before the big convention!
It was so much fun and yes, Mekhi was a real trouper! The people in our everyday lives usually don't blog or really get it. It was a lot of fun to "talk shop" with other bloggers (and tweeters!).
That was a great idea and it looked like you guys had fun! I hope to be able to participate in something like that on this side of town. Mekhi is beautiful!


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