Who Me(me)?

I can hardly remember the last time I was tagged for a meme. I don't think that is a bad thing because I have a hard time coming up with stuff that is interesting to share. This time Elisa tagged me and only because I love her fashion sense and she recently celebrated her 1st blogoversary (enter her contest by the way) will I participate. OH and I have to mention that she is just fabulous and one of my blogging friends that I have known since the beginning (if you are keeping up that would be oh, about 9 months ago).

On to the Meme. I am supposed to tell you 7 awesome things about me. I am not sure that I am very awesome but I will share some unknown facts with you.

1. I have had multiple poems written for me (before I was married) by different men, two have been published and I am sure many of you have read them because they are written by a famous author (who will remain undisclosed). *ETA I was requested to give the title of one of the poems, it is called "The Power of A Smile"

2. I once stayed overnight in a hotel for truck drivers in Zambia. The hotel was owned by one of the friends that I was traveling with but I was still skeeved out by the situation. I slept in all of my clothes on top of the bed using my own blanket because I just thought things did not look quite "right." This may not be very awesome but you have to agree that it is interesting.

3. It has been almost 20 years since I last ate beef, pork or poultry. I only really miss bacon (for BLTs) and hot wings (perhaps because that was the last chicken I ever ate). Sometimes I get the urge to break down and eat some chicken but I figure I have gone this long why bother?

4. I am an undercover gamer. I love to play the game Mafia Wars on facebook. This may not sound very interesting but I have the tendency to become addicted to games. Once I spent a week straight playing a game on X-Box. I don't think I ate for the entire week! Last week I played Mafia Wars until the wee hours and all day long -I have pulled back now but games suck me in. This is the reason why my Wii is strictly for fitness games!

5. I think I am pretty lucky. I once won an all expense paid trip to Durban, a city on the East Coast of South Africa (I was living in the country at the time). The funny thing is that I won a drawing at a party celebrating Women's Day and I won the 3rd time a name was drawn. The other two "potential" winners left before the drawing. I call that lucky!

6. I am drawing a blank here while trying to think of something else to share. Hmmm, well, I think this is awesome - I was quoted this week in Engage: Mom by my friend Kim, regarding diversity in the Mom Blogosphere.

7. Finally, I am a people person. When (if) you meet me in real life, I will be the exact same person that you read on my blog. I am friendly and outgoing and most certainly will never be called a wallflower.

I will not subject anyone else to this torture by naming names but if you so are inclined please do the meme and let me know. I would love to get to know you better!


Erin said…
I believe you shared with me once who #1 was, and I still think that is the most AMAZING thing ever.
I love that you are as friendly and outgoing in real life as you are on your blog! Sometimes I have a hard time being outgoing right away because I want so badly to observe people, but once I get pat my nosy nature, I am pretty outgoing, too.
Mommy Niri said…
You better had loved Durban, that is my hometown!
Stef said…
It's so hard to think of those things about ourselves! I could easily comes up with seven amazing things about my husband and son, but I draw a blank when it comes to myself... um,... I can recite the alphabet backwards??? But I hardly consider that an accomplishment! Ha ha.
Mommyaulait said…
20 years with out eating those meats? I just want to give you a hug..I think that is so fascinating. Zambia, huh? I would have done the same thing. I might have actually slept with my luggage on top of me or something really ridiculous. Your blogs are always fascinating. Thank you for sharing
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed reading this. I truly appreciate that you are willing to open your heart and share who you are with us. It's an honor. I hope you meet you in real life one day but until then I'm still glad to say I "know" you.
Mocha Dad said…
Just give the title of the poem. The curiosity is killing me.
Sheliza said…
awesome list! 20 years and no meat?! Outstanding!! I don't doubt #7 for a minute! If I decide to so this one then I will let you know!
I've been nearly 20 years without eating those same meats. At first I had cut out fish too, but then went back to it when I became pregnant with my children.

You are exactly like your blog personality, I can vouch for that!

It's nice to see a meme, I don't see them anymore. We always learn new things about our bloggy friends with meme's
thanks for sharing! Wow, I admire you going 20 yrs with no meat, for me that would be SO hard!
Elita said…
Well now that you gave the title of the poem we all know who he is and now I am dying to know when he was your BF, how you met him, what he was like, etc. Not just an "author," he is a legend who totally had a hand in shaping my teenage years. I wore a t-shirt with him on it to sleep for YEARS.
CaraBee said…
I contemplate going vegetarian every now and then, but the meat draws me back in every time. I just can't resist. Good for you on staying strong!
Elisa said…
Thank you for playing Renee! I think you are definitely awesome BTW :-)
Sage and Savvy said…
That title is perfect--the power of a smile. I love your smile =)

I'm sure WHEN I meet you in person you'll be just as I expect--friendly, funny, and full of smiles!
Wry Beauty said…
about #1: i had no idea you were that Renee. That is absolutely amazing to me.
First, WOW you memed! And second...um WOW for #1! Wholly mackerel! Good on ya!

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