Trying To Get My Groove Back

I have been running, running, running and it has taken a serious toll on me. I guess 4 plane rides and a two hour car ride in the span of a week can have that effect on you. I am currently recovering from a cold that hit last week Wednesday - Mekhi was the first to get it and now everyone is dealing with it. My mom in NY, me and my husband. According to my girlfriend I look good which is always a bonus but night time is a constant battle to breath and not choke to death from post nasal drip. I am sure that is much more information than you ever wanted or needed to hear about my respiratory tract but I am suffering here.

In any event, all of this travel, birthdays, sickness and the like have gotten me off of my blogging groove. This week I hope to play catch up and let you in on all of the wonderful things that I have been up to. Althought I am sure this deserves a post of its own I do want to share with you that at the culmination of my 30 Day Challenge using EA SPORTS Active I lost 10 pounds AND 5 3/4 inches!

This has completely blown me away. Although I know I have a long way to go, my progress so far has truly encouraged me to keep going. I actually did a vlog to share my new shape with you but in the midst of this mess that I call my office I misplaced my camera. Hopefully I will find it and post some photos from the wrap up in NY. Including a photo with Meredith Viera (unfortunately she blinked)who is a complete sweetheart.

In essence this post is to share with you that Renee is trying to get her groove back (don't you love when people refer to themselves in 3rd person? Not) and please stick with me. Interesting posts filled with pictures are coming.


Kelly said…
I was wondering where you were. I hope you get better soon. Congratuluations on losing 10lbs that`s huge in just 30 days.
Ms. Bar B: said…
Aww, hope you feel better soon... well, you and the rest of the family! Congrats on being 10lbs closer to your goal. Can't wait to see pictures and read exciting details.
Pictures, did you say pictures!? And is that a family pic in your whrrl?? Way to go and feel better! Emergen-C is your friend Linsey of Wise Bread taught me that!
FitCrazedMomma said…
Welcome back Renee!
I hope you and the family are all on the mend soon!

WOW...10 lbs in 30 days?!?!?!
That is beyond fantastic girl!!
Keep it up!
Dorsey said…
Way to go with the weight loss!!! I'm on day 7 myself and hoping for similar results over time =)
I hop eyou get better. When Mom is sick, it is the worst!
The inches, the inches, the inches are what makes the body look slimmer. You lost a lot of inches. Congrats. I am just getting over a cold myself. Hope you feel better soon.
Lynn said…
Welcome home and get some much needed rest. Congrats on dropping all that weight! Keep up all that good and hard work and enjoy the rewards......And in that family picture your hubby looks ever so slightly like Eddie Murphy - no? Just a smidge... :o)

My best, Lynn
Anonymous said…
I haven't been around here of lately but glad to hear that you are doing such a wonderful job with yourself. Keep up the good work and get better soon.
10 pounds in 30 days is incredible! You deserve a break after your whirlwind travels. Too bad it has to be due to sickness though. Get some rest and get well so you can fill us in on all the juicy details!
CaraBee said…
Way to go on the weight loss! 10 pounds is fan-freaking-tastic! That's all I've lost in three months. Although I'm staying positive because the fact that I've lost weight at all makes me happy. :)

Feel better! Can't wait to hear more about your travels!
Sage and Savvy said…
Congratulations! the lbs and inches lost are awesome!

Can't wait to read and see more about what's been going on w/you!
angie said…
Get your grove back soon! :)
Angie Marion said…
Congrats girl! Good luck!
Danielle said…
Congratulations on the weight loss and the inches gone! It is tough to get back into the swing of things when you are traveling!
mrs.notouching said…
Thanks for stopping by! And yes - please find your camera and share your success - I need to lose 13 more lbs to get back to my pre prego weight and really need some motivation... 10lbs in 30days is amazing!

P.S. Mekhi is adorable and I LOVE his name!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the weight loss.

As for the groove...I'm trying to get back into mine too. I guess sometimes, life happens and blogging takes a back seat.

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