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One of the things that I really enjoy about blogging is having the opportunity to share things that I like with you. I've decided that I want to start a series called Renée's Tips that highlight products, recipes, and things that I enjoy that make my life easier. I'll do this whenever I am inspired and in the long term maybe I will be able to do it on a weekly basis. For now, I am making no promises!

Today I am want to share a new product by Purex that I absolutely love, it is called Purex 3-in-1 Complete. Last week, I tried out this product before it come out on the market because I am one of 200 people chosen to be a Purex Insider.

If you are anything like me, you probably dislike having to purchase laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. I know I sometimes make a mess and having all of these things in one sheet just makes my life easier. I've done a vlog (from my laundry room no less) to share my experience with Purex 3-in-1 Complete with you.

I think my enthusiasm for Purex 3-in-1 Complete is evident in my video. I really think you should try it, I am pretty sure that you will thank me. If you take a visit to you can get a downloadable coupon to try it for yourself. I am really interested to hear how you like it.


Kelly said…
I won this product on another blog. I can't wait to try it out.
Ms. Bar B: said…
Wow. That sounds amazing. I hate when I end up spilling my liquid detergent too and I don't even buy dryer sheets anymore... I'm always in too big of a hurry to use them, lol. I'm gonna have to try this product. It would definitely make the hassle of lugging around a big containing a lot easier... shoot it would eliminate it altogether.

Thanks for sharing this with us.
Sheliza said…
Cool! Sounds like a product worth trying!! I will have to download a coupon for sure and see if I can catch it on sale. Thanks for your input!
Those do look easy. You wanna come over to my house and um sort of like demonstrate how great they are? With my laundry? I have about 10 loads so we should get lots of great experience in their super fabulousness.
CaraBee said…
Why haven't they thought of this before?? After Sophie's little shot of Tide the other day, the idea of not having liquid detergent around is very appealing.
Anonymous said…
As much as I love a clean house, there's not been too much to get excited over. This looks great and if you are recommending, I believe it must be great! Can't wait to try it, thanks Renee.
BTW, you look so cute in the video! :)
Fresh Mommy said…
That looks like an awesome product!! Thanks for sharing it!

I like the idea of having a multipurpose product.
fly tie said… that's interesting. i know a lot of people are gonna be loving them for coming out with this.

your reviews and vlogs are always the best.
Tooj said…
FYI - I got my gift!! :) just wanted to tell you. I don't have a good return address (I don't think??) on the package itself to send you a thank you note, though.
Your videos are the cutest!! I am all about convenience!
Man I so wanted to be a Purex insider so I can try this out. I guess I have to go to the store. Your vlog was great!!!!
The POSHpreneur said…
I'm an insider, too! I love this product and I just got a Vado so I will be posting my review soon!
Wifey said…
Another Purex Insider here and I LOVE it, too! OH, and the smell is amazing. Husband even noticed.

Winks & Smiles,
Ok you TOTALLY just sold me that product :) haha That's an amazinggggg idea. I love things that simplify life - with five kids (all ages 9 and under), I need some simplicity!!!
Do they have it in HE & Free combined? I have to buy HE for my front loader and Free for my kids eczema. It's easier to find detergent like this now, but it used to be really hard. I hope this sheet comes in HE & Free, that will make my life easier.
I finally tried them out and LOVE them. I actually did a review on them on my blog {Purex 3-in-1 Washer/Dryer Sheets} and linked to you because YOUR review is where I first heard of them, which peaked my interest :) Thanks... I'm a Purex fan for life now! haha

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