Drop It Like Its Hot

I have to admit that I really like the song "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Doogy Dog. I know if I analyzed the song at all and listened to the words closely I might change my mind but I am perfectly content being decidedly woefully ignorant because the beat and his voice really move me. I've decided to use the words "Drop It Like Its Hot" to describe my progress with the EA SPORTS Active 30 Day Challenge. I am currently at the halfway point using this Wii fitness product and I have to tell you that I have been "dropping it like its hot." When I last checked I lost 7 pounds, that was a week ago. Since I do not own a scale I am not sure if I have continued to lose weight but my clothes are fitting looser and that is always an indication that I am doing something right.

In addition to the weight loss the phrase also refers to the exercises that EA SPORTS Active has me doing. Although each workout is on average about 27 minutes long for me, a good amount of that time is spent working my legs. This week I have been doing lunge jumps(ow), holding squats (double ow) and of course the dreaded in-line skating(ow,ow,ow)! I know that working my large muscle groups helps get my metabolism on track and burn more calories.

So far I am pleased with my results, I do continue to monitor what I am putting into my mouth and at times that can be a challenge. But I utilize the advice given to me my Bob Green and question myself by asking "why do I want to eat X food?" if I come up with a great answer I will eat it but if I am having an emotional response to something or I am just bored I put the food down and drink water. By continuing to exercise and watch my eating I am sure I will have great results in the long term.

One of the best things so far has been my son being engaged with my Challenge. Although he is not quite two he knows when Mommy is ready to exercise and he joins in. I love it. Exercise will be something that he sees as a part of our family's lifestyle and making that impression on him is what motivates me to succeed.

Speaking of motivation, I do need your help and support. EA SPORTS has generously offered to give my biggest supporter a copy of the game. You can show your support however you see fit - write a blog post, do a vlog, cheer for me on twitter, it is up to you. I have a supporter page on facebook and you can let me know how you've decided to show your support. Also, you can check out my vlogs and blogs on the EA SPORTS Active website. I have my video below if you have a chance check it out.


Sheliza said…
Congratulations on your progress girl!! I am so proud of you and you are such an inspiration to so many of us moms that are trying to make better choices. I loved the video and you look so beautiful and happy! Keep it up!!!
Loose fitting clothes are always a positive sign. Congrats and keep keeping on!!!!
Anonymous said…
You are such a cutie. Keep up the awesome work.
Anonymous said…
Mami, I am so proud of you! I am a firm believer that skinny does not equal healthy. Like you I have undergone a lifestyle change. I'm not on a "diet." I'm on a lifestyle change. I want to get better with time, not bigger.

I adore that baby boy works out with you. It is so important to teach our children that daily exercise must be a part of their lives, like proper eating and adequate rest. We teach them to read, we teach numbers shapes and colors. We need to teach them how to eat and how to exercise.

Bravo! So keep droppin' it likes it hot. You're an inspiration to us all.
kristi said…
I luv this song and I even have a t shirt I wear that says this! I wear it around the house only though!
I'm so glad I clicked on over from your Facebook update!!!

I love the video (you are a natural in front of the camera). I know you'll have great success if you continue on this path. And, getting your son involved will help with that! My kids want to exercise with me now, it's really cute!!

Oh, and there are so many songs that I love to run to that if I did actually listen to the words, they probably wouldn't be that great! But, the beat is what keeps me going and the message in my head that says I will be strong and beautiful no matter what the scale says!
The POSHpreneur said…
You go hot mama!! Oh and Snoop is my favorite...seriously, and I have listened to the lyrics closely LOL
Loukia said…
You're so pretty!
I love anything by Snoop. And Dre. And Eminem. We even listen to them when we're driving with our kids. Does that make me a bad mom? HOPE NOT - but we do have to start being more careful because, um, my 3 year old sometimes picsk up words he really should not be! ;)
I'm watching what I'm eating now, too. Dieting, if you will. Still have not found the time or motivation to work out. I HAVE to start!
Amy said…
Just stopping by to see what you have been up to.
Your look so beautiful Renee! I can't wait to see your progress over the next 30 days - drop it like it's hot girl! (And thanks for reminding me of that song...adding it to my run mix now...). :)
Shawnta` said…
Congrats on the progress you've made thus far! I'm sure you'll keep up the hard work & continue making even more progress. It's definitely an inspiration for me to get my butt in gear!
Shawnta` said…
I know from previous messages & tweets that you feel great and have a lot more energy but I agree with the previous posts; you DO look great! And feeling great is a definite bonus.
Lalapoo said…
I love seeing you talk about this! well I love seeing you doing what you do best..being you!
Kelly Deneen said…
You are doing so awesome!!! Way to go!!
Lynn said…
Yeah you're better off just listening to the instrumental of that song! :o) Keep up the good work and you are such an accommodating mom when it comes to your little man participating. Sadly, unless we go to the park my kids are no longer allowed to "work out" with me. Their version looks more like they are participants in a 1990's mosh pit. I got tired of getting elbowed and kicked. But keep up the good work and keep us updated with your progress!
Drop It Mekhi's Mom!

My best, Lynn
Renee, this is so exciting. I am so happy for you and I love that question. I so will be using on my journey to fitness and weight loss. I recently went to the doctor and found out I gained 10 lbs. That was a little depressing for me, but I still look great!!!! Anyway, continue your fantastic journey and I'm so going to support you.
It sounds like you're doing great! Seven pounds is huge. I've been fighting with about that same amount for months. I hope you can make the picnic Saturday. I'd love to meet your family and your son would have a ball. :-)
Wifey said…
Congrats, girl! I had no doubt you could do it.

Winks & Smiles,
Tooj said…
Congrats on the loose fit, that is DEFINITELY an indication! :) And having your son see your activity levels is GREAT. I am going to use teaching my son and my running hand in hand this spring/summer. I can't wait to go buy his bike!
fly tie said…
lol @ the first few lines of your post! i'm the same way with some songs.

congrats, and i wish you continued progress!

you're such a super star with these videos. :-D
Ms. Bar B: said…
Hahaha. I cracked up after reading this. You go on and drop it like its hot then girl... so proud of you. You keep right on going and you will reach your goal in no time =)
Okay Nick and I just watched your video together... you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You better work, girl... drop it like it's hot!!!!

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