Bringing Sexy Back! - Belly Dancing

I think it is important to celebrate being a mother on a daily basis . The celebration does not have to be anything elaborate just do something that is for you and you alone. I know a primary complaint of mothers is that we do not have time but when you really think about it we all have at least a half hour a day that we can use to take care of ourselves. To me that is a celebration. Fit Yummy Mummy has a list of five things that we can do including just surrounding ourselves with scented candles- easy to do and personally, aromatherapy always makes me feel better.

To celebrate myself I am "Bringing Sexy Back." I've decided to make this a series, this way I remain committed to doing something fairly regularly to "Bring Sexy Back." Lately, I have incorporated exercise into my program and in addition to EA SPORTS Active I am doing some other fun exercises too.
(l-r (b)Renee, JEn, (t)Kim, Brook, me, Lorraine, Christy)

Last Thursday for National Mom’s Night I hosted a party for a group of women at Nazeem Allayl Belly dance Studio. We took a Belly dance class that was amazing! It really was a workout and during the class one of my friends asked why couldn’t we have just gone out for cocktails! I am all for cocktails in moderation and we indulged after the class but belly dancing works the body. I took classes when I was pregnant and highly recommend it. You feel sexy and bust a sweat. And just think how “practicing” your moves can spice up your relationship!

Our talented instructor Aseelah was so funny and kept a smile on her face the entire time. I would kill to have abs like hers! We learned moves like the Egyptian Hip Circle and the chest drop (after about 20 of those I caught a cramp but am proud to say I kept doing it!) When the repetitions got to be too much she reminded us to smile. I tried but I think oft times my smile was more of a grimace. The day following the workout my calves were screaming with every step I took but I loved feeling the burn because I felt a sense of accomplishment. If you are in the Atlanta area I highly recommend taking a class with Nazeem Allayl they have 3 locations here and offer a variety of classes. Not all are as focused on the workout aspect of Belly Dancing, check out the website to see the class listings.

After the class we enjoyed some time chatting and chatting at Sambrosa Mexican restaurant, I think Mom’s Night Out was a success and we all got back some of our “sexy” in the process.


Anonymous said…
How fun! I have heard of these classes, but never tried one. I should get a group of friends together and try it out!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad your making this a series and I can't wait to read more. Love your blog.
ciara said…
i love belly dancing, but i only do it at home to shimmy on fit tv lol i do want to try a class someday. looks fun. :)
FitCrazedMomma said…
Thanks for the belly dancing recap. I am not sure my hips can move like that, but I would for sure try some day!
If you ever get a chance to try Zumba do it! Lots of fun!
Execumama said…
Dangit! I hate that I missed that one, but plz continue to keep me in the loop, b/c sexy-factor muscles need regular training to stay in tact! Sounds and looks like you ladies had a blast! Thanks for sharing!
Looks like you guys had a blast. I did belly dancing when I was in NY, I loved it. Haven't found a place here in the DC area that I like, but I also haven't really looked either. Wish I could have been there!!!
Banteringblonde said…
This sounds like a ton of fun - I'm not sure I could belly dance without giggling!
Justice Jonesie said…
that sounds like a great way to celebrate MNO and girlfriends. Keep smiling, even when life gives you a cramp. That will be my new mantra.
Sheliza said…
Aseelah, can I have a body like yours??! I thought about taking a class one time but it would have been with a group of senior citizens. Not sure if I would have felt comfortable!!! One great thing about ATL is you have so many places that offer these classes. We don't :( If you do actually find someplace it is almost always far away.
It was a blast! Thanks so much for inviting me Renee. The only thing was it was hard to look at Asseelah's perfect circles, sways, and abs and then glance back at my cluncky swirls and round belly. I still felt sexy though. Hehehe, I had a ball, and I am gonna get over there more often.
Petula said…
Oh that sounds like so much fun. I've always wanted to do something like that. And, ahem, why wasn't I invited? :( I only live about 20 minutes from the ATL.

That's okay... don't feel bad... :((.
Wifey said…
OK, pole dancing - booty up; Belly dancing - chest up; Hmm... can't wait to see what's next! LOL.

I had a blast!

Winks & Smiles,
Ms. Bar B: said…
Awww. Looks like you all had a great time... wish I could have been there with you. More of a reason for me to book an Atlanta trip in (hopefully) the near future.
Dejoni said…
I would love to take belly dancing classes...sounds so fun!!
I know...I'm late...I am the worst! But you know I love ya and we had sooooo much fun that night! Thank you so much for inviting me!
Aseelah said…
Hello Ladies,

Thank you for coming to my belly dance class, had a blast. I really enjoyed reading all the blogs. It's always nice to experience positive groups of people. Hope to see you again....soon. Shimmies,

~Aseelah Mint :-)
lucky said…
Belly dancing helps keep fitness and it's also good for our health.When women are dancing,they look comfortable and with great confidence.I intend to have a belly dancing class and learn it.Wonderful!

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