Free Spa Day and a Giveaway!

As mothers we sometimes put ourselves on the bottom of the totem pole in the hierarchy of our family. It is natural to want to ensure our children, spouse/significant other have their needs met. However, remember the times before the child(ren) and husband? We took time to nurture ourselves and I for one think that even as a parent, wive/partner we can still take care of ourselves. A few moments here or there make a tremendous difference. A little make-up, exercise and down time reading a book or favorite magazine are low cost ways to invest in ourselves and our inner beauty.

Since I spend a substantial amount of time online I use my blog reading/websurfing as part of my me time. I don't get to do it as much as I would like but when I do I am glad to know a site like the one Dasani Water has put together exists. This site celebrates our inner beauty and has fashion, stype and beauty tips. There is also a blog written by celebrity mom Chilli of TLC.

Dasani is invested in helping moms find our inner beauty and will be having a free spa day on Friday, April 25th in New York. Here is the info:

Come refresh yourself and join host Chilli,
from TLC, for this ultimate day of beauty and
style at the fabulous Townhouse Spa.
Make-up and styling provided by Soft-Sheen Carson
and L’OrĂ©al Paris.

Friday, April 24, 2009
10 am – 8 pm
39 W 56th Street, New York
RSVP at 212.245.8108
Maximum of 2 free services per person.
Appointment times are limited and based on availability.
Free services while supplies last.

If you are not a New Yorker don't worry! Dasani has something for you two. I have 3 really cute cosmetic cases to giveaway. Take the time to have your own personal day of beauty at home and have a really nice case to stash your make-up! All you have to do is leave a comment. That's it! You have a really good chance of winning!

Good luck and if you are in NY enjoy the Spa Day!

Congratulations to the winners: Tooj, MyS.T.U.F.F and Talibah!


The Mama said…
I like Chili's Daily Routine. It comes with a little 24 day calendar. I just printed it off and giving this a try! I love how she talks about healthy and relates it to her son. Thanks for sharing this!
I'm truly guilty of not taking care of myself.
I'll look into Chili's Daily Routine. The idea of a printable calendar appeals to me.
Vodka Mom said…
That sounds so awesome! THere are times when I wished I DID live near the city...


Tooj said…
Hey there. :) I tried clicking the Dasani link but it said it "appeared to be broken". Anywho...I was just thinking I needed to go get another massage.
Execumama said…
So true! We moms need to remember to keep ourselves on the radar!! I just got a full-body massage at a spa last week and I swore up and down I was going to do it once a month. Now that I'm down from the high, it probably won't be monthly, but I will do it at least twice before the year is up!! Oh, and shout out to Chilli w/ her 50-pushup doin' self! Niceness!!
valerie2350 said…
this looks like great fun.....too bad I'm not in ny....
those are cute! too bad i'm not in ny!! =(
tuki said…
Was it the weekend when it was happy? 
Anonymous said…
Nice Website. Great concept. Wish I was in NY.
Pam said…
A spa day sounds divine...of course, a trip to the grocery store without 2 little ones in tow could be fun too! I really like the website - the music, water bottle fading in and out, etc. were quite relaxing. It's a good reminder to take some time for ourselves - what good are we anywyas if we don't take care of us?

melacan at hotmail dot com
Cindy said…
Oh, that sounds awesome. I think I may just make a spa date for my daughter and I :)
CaraBee said…
The spa day sounds awesome, I wish I could get yp to NYC to enjoy it.
Amy said…
I love spa days. I so need one.
angie said…
It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO important to take care of ourselves......what better way that to relax at a spa? What a great giveaway!
Anonymous said…
What a great way to encourage women to take care of themselves. I am guilty of neglecting myself sometimes.
missmaconline said…
I love these cosmetic cases! I really need one for travel, so this would be nice. And the color is brilliant!
I wish I lived in New york though. :(

Missmaconline AT yahoo DOT com
missmaconline said…
I love these cosmetic cases! I really need one for travel, so this would be nice. And the color is brilliant!
I wish I lived in New york though. :(

Missmaconline AT yahoo DOT com
Talibah said…
Of course I could use a spa visit, but alas, I'm not in the right place. But, the bags are I'm putting my name in the hat!
The POSHpreneur said…
OH how FUN! I wish I could go! I'm in NY but it's just too far from me to go :(
Joanie said…
I wish I lived there!

Da Goddess
Chili is a great person for the Dasani campaign. She is just about 40, if not over and she looks fabu!
Great Post!!
This is just what every Mom needs...using Chilli as a spokesmom...sheer genius! What a way to capture of vital market that has been looked over for far too long.
Wish that I could make it to Dasani's bash on Friday, but that calendar is {too} full. Would love the spa bag...the logo is HOT!
This is a great post.
Hey Renee,
I {luv} this post so much, that I have posted this info on my blog with a direct back to your post and contest.
Good news needs to be shared!:-)

Heres the link to my post::
Jenny S said…
Oh wow!! What a great giveaway!! Please enter me in! I am so excited to have found your blog! I am off to read some more!!
cpullum said…
I live in California!! I wish I could be in New York!
1stopmom said…
I swear if I lived in New York I would go! I have been a fan of Chilli since the early days :) What nice cosmetic cases.

Mama Zen said…
I'm definitely going to check out the site!

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