Being Green Can Be Affordable

Yesterday Jennae and I had a wonderful time on our Blog Talk Radio Show Green and Gorgeous. Before the show we were both quite nervous but once we started talking we just couldn't stop! If you did not have a chance to tune in you can listen to the show here:

Our show will air every Wednesday at 8:30pm but if that conflicts with your schedule you can tune in at your leisure after the show has aired.

On the show we discussed how far green living has come and how affordable it can be to start living green. Today I want to give you another tip that can help you if you are on the journey to greener living.

Personally, I use "green" cleaners as much as possible. My favorite is the Seventh Generation brand followed by GreenWorks. I have now taken this a step further and when ecstatic when I was contacted to try out the Scotch Brite Greener Clean line.

I really like that they are using recycled and natural materials to make the scouring pads, sponges and wipe clothes. They also use biodegradable soap in the sponges that are filled with soap. This is a great touch. Although I am still using paper towels for some things (I am working on that) the wipe clothes are certainly a good reusable alternative to paper towels. Although I did not try the cloths I will be purchasing some when I take my next shopping trip. I know the Earth will thank me and Jennae will certainly be happy too! The entire Greener Clean Line is pretty affordable with prices ranging from $2.36 to about $6.00. These prices are pretty comparable to what I usually pay and I will also be on the lookout for coupons. I think that taking little steps like this one will help me do my part to protect the Earth in the long run. It is so easy to make a big difference and I hope that you start thinking about ways to make small changes too.


Sheliza said…
I will have to check out the show for sure. I will also have to look out for coupon to try out the new greener sponges. Gil, I am trying so hard to make some changes to help save out earth. It's baby steps for me... Have a grand weekend!
Sheliza said…
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Wifey said…
Heard part of the show live and you guys were awesome! Looking forward to hearing more and getting some great green tips!

Winks & Smiles,
Erika said…
Looking forward to checking out the next edition and per your Hershey's win, you are definitely attracting goodness into your life. Thanks for chronicling your inspiring journey. Peace and Blessings.
fly tie said…
oh, you got a show now?!?! great. will be tuning in...
I just listened to the first broadcast and I really liked and appreciated what you two are shooting for. I will be listening as often as I can from now on. Go ladies go!

My best, Lynn
How can I listen to it live?
You both did a fantastic job and wish you much success on this great show!

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