And The Challenge Begins

I begin my EA SPORTS Active 30 Day Challenge tomorrow. I am excited and so glad to have your support. I want to share the professional recap of our trip to Santa Barbara and you can meet all of the Challengers. My first Challenger Diary entry is on the site and you can read that here.

Also you can check out the Challengers interview on The Chatterbox blog talk radio show!

Click Here to listen!


Tiffany said…
That was awesome!

I look forward to following your journey!
Susiex said…
Thats great activity...
Keep going...
rightonmom said…
Yay you! Looking forward to reading your updates! What a great thing to do.
Wifey said…
You're going to do fabulous - can't wait to follow along.

Oh, and great show today! All of you are so inspiring!

Winks & Smiles,
jacqueline said…
Congratulations! The wonderful thing is you're starting out BEAUTIFUL. Love your hair. :-)
YOU GO GIRL and thank you so much for being on my show! You all were great! I am rooting for you!
Stay in the fight, stay motivated! Good Luck!
You GO, Renee - I'm PROUD of ya! :)
Execumama said…
Renee, I am SUPER-proud of you! You have a cheerleader in me, Hun! Best to you!!! You can TOTALLY kick-butt and get fit!
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