Read Across America

I am an avid reader and am committed to instilling a love for reading in Mekhi. He and I read together on a daily basis and when he is off playing many times he reaches for books instead of the nearest toy. Research has shown that reading to children early and often prepares them for literacy and vastly improves their vocabulary. By providing the foundation for literacy in the home, you lay the groundwork for future success in school.

Every year on March 2nd, Dr. Seuss' birthday, the National Education Association (NEA)sponsors Read Across America Day. The purpose of the celebration is to motivate children to read. Today schools, libraries, community centers, and homeschoolers conduct activities to promote reading with children. Google has even gotten into the festive spirit - if you visit you will see the letters are all Dr. Seuss characters. I encourage you to read to your child not only today but everyday. For more information about Read Across America visit the NEA website, there are numerous resources available there for you to celebrate at home.


Marinka said…
I love this post and I love reading. And I loved reading this post. I second that reading with your children is so important. My kids are older, so their read on their own, but we still read together a lot.
Ms. Bar B: said…
LOL @ Marinka...

Gotta agree. Miss J loves sitting in her Dora chair, in her room, surrounded by her books, trying to figure out the words on her own, and reading and re-reading the books that she does know over and over again. We actually found a Brown Bear, Brown Bear birthday card in the store yesterday as we were shopping for a card for one of her friends. They had the nerve to have the card in the "boys" section. I'm thinking, "wow, why place it here? Brown Bear, Brown Bear is my daughter's FAVORITE book of like, all time, and I am coming back to get this card and save it for her birthday in June".

I smile every time you share a picture of Mekhi enjoying one of his books. You can tell that he is in love with them and that is a beautiful thing =)
Lalapoo said…
I love reading but lately reading has not been on my to do list with.. especially reading to my daughter before bedtime something that she really enjoys.. I guess when baby gets older I will resume my reading habits with my eldest
Ditto! I love reading the Dr. Seuss books to my daughter. She basically refuses to go to sleep until we've read our nightly story.
Anonymous said…
Awww, he looks so cute sitting there. I used to be such an advid reader and can't find enough time in my schedule to do it. I could stop blogging but I don't think that would go over too good :)
Debbie said…
Giving your child the gift of reading is the best thing you can do! Great post.
Every year we host a Dr. Seuss b-day party at our office and read to local school children. It's so nice to take a break from adult work and sit on the floor and read to kids. Plus, I love seeing who in the office becomes a true performer!
Wifey said…
Kudos for making reading such an important part of his life; and for reminding us all to do the same.

Winks & Smiles,
CaraBee said…
I read to my daughter most days, even though she won't really sit still for it. I love reading and it is my fondest wish that Sophie find the joys in books that I have.
Very important topic to post - Good Job! You're such a good Mommy!!
Dejoni said…
I am constantly trying to get my girls to read. If you can read, you can learn to do anything. What an important post!
Your little man is growing up so fast!!!
Great 4 you reading with your child. It's how I de-stress after a long day.
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Ali said…
I love reading--that's the only reason why I was an English major! My first grader brings home a book every day to read for homework--I hope that doesn't backfire and make him think that reading is work.
Quiskaeya said…
Amen. Amen & Amen. I am a lover of books and like you have a desire to instill that same love in my children. I've been fortunate that both my boys love reading, even the baby like to be read to.

My 7 yr old has actually driven me crazy reading everything from billboard advertisings to ingredients on products in the grocery store. As much as I want to tell him "Boy, I don't have time to hear you read that nonsense!" I slow my roll and patiently listen....breathe

We started reading to both from conception. The Hubster would read to my belly and it was a truly bonding experience.

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