Jack's Big Music Show

"Music in my life makes me happy, music and I are never apart, music will always be my pleasure, music is here in my heart"

Mekhi loves music. He has numerous instruments that he enjoys but he really loves his flute and drumsticks(notice I said sticks and not drum, any object that he comes into contact with becomes his "drum"). I know he gets is honest, both his father and I are musicians. His father was a professional saxophone player and I played the violin for well over a decade. Although we both have refrained from playing our respective instruments for many years, I am pretty sure that we will start again when Mekhi is old enough to sit and listen.

In the meantime, to foster the joy of music in Mekhi I have a favorite television show, Jack's Big Music Show which airs on Noggin.

As you can probably guess I am a big fan of Noggin - I have written about Yo Gabba Gabba in the past and Jack's is also on the list of favorites in the Cutie Booty household. Every episode of Jack's Big Music Show highlights different entertainers and quite often different genres of music. Opera, jazz and calypso are some of the types of music that I've - I mean, Mekhi has learned about and enjoyed. I am not a spokesperson or a blogger for Noggin or any of these shows but I really enjoy them. I love sharing information with other parents when I find programming that is both educational and entertaining. Jack's Big Music Show completely fits that bill. The puppets all play instruments and have human companions that drop in and sing and/or play music with them. If you have a preschooler this is a show that you don't want to miss. Speaking of missing, the programming has been changed on Noggin and now I am not sure when my favorite - I mean Mekhi's favorite show is being aired. I am on the lookout and hopefully it will return for Saturday morning fun.


reeceecup said…
they moved it to 11PM est
CaraBee said…
I am always on the lookout for good shows for my daughter (and me) to watch. As much as she loves music and dancing, I'm sure this one will be a hit. Noggin definitely has some good shows!
SassyMomma said…
My 3yo LOVES Jack's Big Music Show!! He has been a little dissapointed b/c it doesn't come on anymore.
I searched for it and found it on @ 11 & 11:30 pm. I guess we'll just have to wait for Noggin to change their line up again. Which will hopefully be soon! He has learned so much from that show, (as well as a lot of other show's on Noggin.) and his favorite thing to say while jumping on the bed is... scat-scat-a-tat-tat! Something he learned from "Jack". =)

We're also fan's of Yo Gabba Gabba!
Am I the only one who wishes they would give Moose A. Moose his own show? My little one thrives on his little 2 minute lessons, alone!
I know nothing about today's toddler TV, but I remember when I would have been in the thick of this conversation. Thanks for the memories.
Wifey said…
I never thought I'd say this but I miss some of those toddler shows.

Kudos for spreading the word...

Winks & Smiles,
Kristen Andrews said…
I am sad Will doesn't like Jack's Big music show any longer, he use to love it! I think I like Laurie Berkner more than he does, isn't she fab!
Midwest Mommy said…
We are huge noggin fans here. BG loves it! Zee and Moose A Moose could seriously have a show all of their own. I think they have always been her favorite.
I heart Jacks Big Music Show!
Ali said…
My boys are growing out of Noggin and it's so sad! I love Jack's Big Music Show!
add magpie to ur tweets..
Meghan said…
Noggin is on my tv now.
Blue's Clues or as my son calls it "Joe". He also calls McDonald's "Ronnie's" Something is telling me it's not a good thing he is on a first name basis with the clown. LOL

Anyway we totally love Jack & his show.
If you have Comcast you can get it On Demand anytime!!

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