As I frenetically prepare for my whirlwind trip to Washington, DC I have fleeting memories of my trip to Bliss last week. I will have to hold fast to them because by the end of Thursday my feet will be aching after pounding the halls of the Cannon, Rayburn and Russel State Office buildings. I am embarking on this annual trip to convince my legislators of the necessity of funding the early childhood literacy program, Reach Out and Read. A worthy cause, if I may say so myself, pediatricians "prescribe a book" at every well child visit from 0 -5 years and provide parents with guidance for reading with their children. This is important enough for me to briefly suffer with achy feet but in the meantime I want to reminisce about my lovely spa day last week.

On the morning of my birthday I made the excursion downtown to Bliss Atlanta Midtown. I easily found parking and quickly made my way to the W Hotel where the spa resides. The signage was easy to spot and I soon was in the brightly lit lobby area that was filled with Bliss products with the trademarked blue, yellow and white colors dominating the scene. I gave my name and the desk and the receptionist ushered me to the woman's lounge. Upon entrance she pointed out comfy looking seating and a nice spread that I knew I would investigate later.

We walked into the locker room and after giving me a brief tour she handed me my slippers and left me to my own devices. I undressed, snapped a few photos and returned to the lounge to survey the scene while I filled out the requisite forms. My eyes feasted on the olives, cheese and crackers that were laid out for my delight. And I could not resist a tempting mini brownie. My massage therapist, Kris appeared and with one last glance at the small buffet I followed him to experience "bliss."

When we entered the dimly lit treatment room he quietly explained that during my 75 minute blissage he would massage me with oil ( my choice of aromatherapy or unscented) and place my feet warm wax. I chose to languish in the scent of lavender and advised him that I didn't have any spots that needed extra care. Well, let me tell you, Kris found the spots that I was unaware of. He massaged my upper and lower back deeply and it was clear that they needed it. He encased my feet in warm parrafin bags and it felt simply delightful. During the massage I drifted in and out of consciousness and that was perfectly alright with me. If there was one thing that I would change it would be the music choice, it was piped in and not always "soothing" but under the care of Kris' deft hands the music quickly became a non-issue. At the completion of my massage Kris escorted me back to the women's lounge.

I made a quick pit stop in the ladies room and I only mention it because the floor tiles tickled me. The tiles were painted blades of grass! I wish I had gotten a photo but at that point relaxing was on my mind. In preparation for my facial I splashed my face with water - bliss beauty supplies were plentiful but not needed for me. Both Kris and Tomika, my estetician were waiting for me in the lounge. Kris wished me a happy birthday and then Tomika led me to my next room for the triple oxygen facial. Before having the facial I knew that my face needed extra special care. I have been battling with adult onset acne and after looking at my face and hearing my concerns Tomika suggested adding microdermabrasion and a seaweed acne mask to my treatment.  I'd done my research before arriving at the spa and was happy to hear that she suggested the add-on treatments that I though I needed.

As much as I enjoyed my massage, I have to admit that the facial was an experience that I hope to repeat. I may ask for one that in-depth twice annually - I think Mother's Day and maybe Christmas. My skin feels so smooth and I can't even begin to express the joy I felt during the facial. I had several different cleansers and after each step a nice warm (or cool) towel was placed on my face. The microdermabrasion was not painful at all it felt like little pellets hitting my skin while simulatanously being vacummed.  The peel was a bit heated but I could tolerate that. And the cooling mask helped calm my skin. The cool towel placed on top added to the lovely feeling. While varying elixirs were applied to my face, Tomika massaged my hands, arms, head and even my feet. I am quite sure that was an addition that was given to me for my birthday and I truly appreciated it. Once again I found myself drifting in and out of consciousness.

When my treatment was completed I retreated back to the women's lounge. I enjoyed some cheese and crackers, olives and a final brownie while perusing a gossip magazine. I wanted to stay in my sanctuary as long as possible but finally realized it was time to go.

I was pleasantly surprised at check out. For my birthday I received ten percent off of my services and a complimentary gift. When I left the spa and emerged back into the world I was completely surprised. It was 3:00 pm on a birthday that I will never forget. 


anymommy said…
I'm happy just reading this. It sounds divine. So glad you had a great day.
MoziEsm√© said…
That sounds amazing! I need it!
CaraBee said…
That sounds absolutely divine! I've had spa days a couple of times and while I enjoyed the facial, the massage is what really sends me over the edge. I actually have a gift certificate for a massage that I need to use.
Erin said…
This sounds so lovely! What a great birthday experience for you.
Reading this is making me seriously consider splurging and checking out the Bliss Spa in Chicago. Someday!
Lalapoo said…
so happy you enjoyed it!
Whoo--that sounds like... Bliss.


I took notes--perhaps I can convince someone around here to extend a treat to his overworked wife *winks at the hubs*.
Dori said…
I'm so glad that you had such a great day. It definitely sounds like bliss! :-)
Petula said…
Oh that sounds like a wonderful day! Happy birthday.

It's funny that I read this today because I am looking into getting a reading tutor or finding a reading readiness program for my 5-year-old son. I am not pleased with the progress he is making at head start and feel he needs the extra attention.

A program like you're talking about is exactly what children need. I would definitely use it for my two youngest daughters. I'll do a search to see what I can find/do, but email me links or whatever if there's something to sign or do. Thanks... have a great trip and soak your feet every night!
What a great Happy Birthday day!! I actually felt a little more relaxed just by reading about it - thanks for sharing!
What a great day!! I actually felt a little more relaxed just by reading about it - thanks for sharing!
What a great Happy Birthday day!! I actually felt a little more relaxed just by reading about it - thanks for sharing!
What a great Happy Birthday day!! I actually felt a little more relaxed just by reading about it - thanks for sharing!
I think it's great to indulge one's self. I've been meaning to schedule a facial/massage but haven't just jumped in there.
Now I have no excuses. I'll keep you posted.
Anonymous said…
Sounds heavenly!!!
Wifey said…
Nice. We all could use a little Bliss every now and then. Glad you enjoyed your Birthday!

And kudos to you for what you're doing in D.C. Love it.

Winks & Smiles,
The POSHpreneur said…
LUCKY!! :) Glad you had a chance to relax and enjoy yourself!
Threeboys1mommy said…
Entirely jealous and so much more relaxing then trucking around Disneyland with a toddler ;)

Glad you had a lovely time.
Ms. Bar B: said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I can't wait for my next spa experience.

Hope your trip goes well and that you voice is heard. I love that reading program and Miss J always enjoys getting books when she has her annual appointments.

Good luck.
joanofalltrades said…
Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Spa days should be a requirement for living. I've got to check out Bliss since I'm in the ATL area. I would have gone to town on that spread.
Oh wow! What a great way to spend your birthday! And so good that you treated yourself to a relaxing day before you get to work on The Hill.

If you're like me and worry about forgetting important stuff, check out Go Everywhere. You can access your home computer from your lappie. Helps when you have more important things to do... like getting books into children's hands.

Good luck!
Lu said…
All I can say is sounds glorious.
NYCity Mama said…
Good luck on your venture in DC! Go get em! And your birthday sounds like it was truly divine! Happy belated and may they all be that awesome!
Sounds heavenly. aaah!
Lisa @ Serah's said…
I have been putting off my next spa experience because I've been super busy but seeing these pictures and reading your description, I think I'm calling my favorite spa TODAY!
fly tie said…
oh so delightful! that's one experience i think i need to have. happy belated birthday! (cause i don't recall saying it before...)
aw the bliss! Glad you enjoyed it. I was sure you'll get hooked on the facial massage options. I won't mind you giving that for my birthday gift! lol!
Marinka said…
Sounds perfect! I feel like I had a blissage by proxy, just reading this.