Modern Mom Challenge - Week 3

I am still going strong with the Challenge. Despite a couple of setbacks - an injury and a little bit of emotional eating, I think I am doing well. This week my goal is to get my exercise and eating in sync. By doing this I believe I will start to see some results by the end of the week. How are you doing with your goals this year?


KP Group said…
Hi Renee - you can share this on in our fitness category :-) I miss seeing you there.

My advice is just keep moving forward, don't look back. A little comfort doesn't hurt as long as we don't make it a habit.

So excited about our new President!!

Take care,
T.Allen-Mercado said…
Good for you, keep it up! As for me, I'm doing okay, life happened and this week I only got 2 days of gym time in versus last week's 5 days. But, I'm still proud of myself. This week's 2 days is still 2 more days than 2 weeks ago! The glass is half full! Have a great week!
KGW said…
I admire your vunerability. Thanks for sharing your goals with us. My goal is to use my Wii Fit to stay on a regular exercise plan. I also want to plan out my weekly meals. Wish me luck!
Neat vlog Renee. You have such a great perspective on it all. Keep it going!! :)
Anonymous said…
great job!!!!

I'm sorry I have not left many comments lately- life has just hit me in the face. shheeeesh. I hope you're doing well, and I plan on catching up with your blog tonight.


Vodka Mom said…
Good for you - move forward and don't worry about your little setbacks. We will always have setbacks, we just need to work through them!!

I am wishing you strength!!!!
Sage and Savvy said…
My biggest problem is emotional eating. But it's so great to hear you're not beating yourself up for little setbacks. Too many people do that, and we all have setbacks...we just gotta start right back up again.

And besides...there's always room for ice cream! LOL!
Ms. Bar B: said…
I'm so proud of you Renee. I know you will be able to reach your goals. What's this about an injury... hope you are ok. I couldn't view your blog right now because my pc sucks tonight.

Press on and do what you can... you will enjoy the rewards in no time.
Threeboys1mommy said…
Weighed in at Dr. 5 lbs. down, then I had Pizza Hut so I'm right there with you. We can get back on track.
Leslie said…
Yay Renee! You can do it, way to go!
Anonymous said…
Don't stress! I am learning that setbacks are normal. As long as you stay focused, all is well.
Weith Kick said…
We watched the inauguration celebration yesterday on HBO. Pretty cool.

Injury setbacks suck more than food setbacks because with food setbacks there is always tomorrow to correct your ways, but with injuries you have to recuperate. I've been there. And I've been there with the food setbacks as well. But it sounds like you just got back on the exercise course and kept on going.
Mary said…
You go, Renee. I'm cheering you on! We're gonna do it. And we're well on our way. Proud of you.
Gina said…
how can i get in? is it too late?

btw i tagged you on my blog

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