Bloggers Give

I love highlighting great work that is being done in social media, especially as it relates to generousity and helping others. Today I am highlighting Trisha of Momdot. She has started Bloggers Give, a movement that utilizes the power of bloggers. This initiative encourages bloggers that do reviews/giveaways to request an additional item that will be donated to a charity specified by Bloggers Give. The current charity is The Center for Courageous Kids, a non-profit that has camps over the summer for special needs children and family weekends during the rest of the year. Bloggers Give has a goal of collecting 1000 items for donation by May 2009. I think that you will agree that this is an amazing initiative and you can find out more about it by visiting Bloggers Give.


Marinka said…
What a fantastic idea! And you're wonderful for promoting it!
Ms. Bar B: said…
The sounds wonderful as always =)
KGW said…
Thanks for the info!

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