Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Favorites Vol. 2 - Happiness!

You may remember when I had my Oprah moment, if not, check it out; perhaps it will inspire you to have one too. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Okay, I admit I am not a regular reader of O magazine, nor am I a regular viewer - at 4:00pm I am generally up to my elbows in work and/or trying to keep up with a toddler. And yes, I know I can tivo it but somehow it slips my mind. Nevertheless, I am still a fan. Oprah in her infinite wisdom has complied a book, O's Big Book of Happiness that covers the best of the best of O Magazine! This book is divided into three sections: Your Mind/Body, Dating Mating Relating, and Dreaming Big. I have to tell you that I love this book for numerous reasons. I have piles of magazines that I don't read (I suppose I can blame blogging on that) so they pile up. This can't possibly be good for the environment. A book? Great. I read before bed, on the potty(oh sorry, tmi) and whenever I have a spare moment. Finally, it is just so darn helpful. I really enjoy it.

This book would be a wonderful addition to your coffee table book collection. I truly love it and think it makes a great gift.

The Home Book is simply beauty personified. I have not decorated my home yet, yes we have lived here for over a year but I just haven't been motivated to choose colors, trim, yadda yadda yadda. Well, that outlook has changed! The Home Book provides me with so many options and ideas for decorating. It is called "the utlimate guide to Home Decorating from House Beautiful Magazine" and I have to agree with that assessment. Again, instead of having numerous magazines lying around that may never be opened I have all of my resources in one book. Love it!

I suggest adding one or both of these books to your shopping list (or your holiday wish list). Trust me, you won't regret it!


Leslie said...

Ooooh, that Oprah book is a GREAT gift idea! Maybe I'll get me and my mom one!!

Stesha said...

I love Oprah! Great coffee table books are hard to find.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I may give it a try. I do TIVO Oprah, but I don't watch everyday.

Dori said...

Both books sound great. Love Oprah and decorating. Thanks for sharing these :)

tara @ kidz said...

Good ideas, I'll check them out fo sho!

Vodka Mom said...

I DO have to say that I love the Oprah Mag. It's good stuff.

Threeboys1mommy said...

... I'm waiting for the part when you say "I'm giving one of each away!" "You get the books, and you get the books, and you get the books!"

Ms. Bar B: said...

Those sound like great options.

I use to be in love with home decor. I love painting, although I have never gotten the opportunity to paint any rooms in any of the homes I've occupied so far... perhaps once I am off University property, lol.

Good luck with decorating, you'll have to share when its complete.

CaraBee said...

I love Oprah. I swear that woman makes me cry at least once a week. I just watched a DVR episode from a couple of days ago where Nate Berkus (sp?) went out to perfectly decorated homes and it made me SOO want to do more with my sort-of-decorated house. I don't mind doing, it, I just have a hard time visualizing the finished result. Maybe these books would help!

Tara said...

Saw the big O book at Barnes and Noble and sat down to read a bit. It WAS truly a great read. I think I just might buy it.


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