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I love sitting down, drinking a nice cuppa joe or tea with my girlfriends and chit chatting. Although it doesn't happen as often as I like, I cherish the moments that I share with my friends. Blogging has enabled me to share that cuppa joe on a daily basis with new and old friends. We share our hectic lives, commiserate and have a grand time learning from each other.

It is very flattering for me to be honored by my group of "girlfriends" and this past week I have been literally showered with praise. On Friday I received a note by email that my blog has been chosen as Mommytalk's Blog of the Week! I could never have seen this coming. Mommytalk is an online community offering Parenting Tips, Advice, Forums and Blogs written by members.
I am guessing that the editor, Susan found me on Twitter. Needless to say I am honored and hope that you will join MommyTalk too.

I also recieved some awards from my bloggy friends. Petra, The Wise (Young) Mommy bestowed these beauties on me:

Petra and I have been bloggy friends since July or August when we were both very new bloggers. Although it seems like a long time has passed we are actually still new bloggers! Petra's blog is hilarious. But if you don't find humor in dogs carrying dildos you may not want to venture over there!

Kristen, of Kristen's Custom Creations also gave me the Superior Scribbler award. If you have not checked out Kristen's jewlery please go. Now. It is beautiful and I am sure you will want to add a piece to your collection.

Kristen gave me this nifty Top Commenter award for visiting and commenting on her blog La Dolce Vita on regular basis. And I would love to give it to you. Yes, you. I am so thankful for your visit. Although you may not visit everyday the mere fact that you are visiting and commenting today makes you a Top Commenter in my book! Please feel free to pass on this lovely award to your top commenters!
The Lemonade Stand Award is given to blogs that have great Gratitude/Attitude. Thank you to Awake In Rochester for this award.

Mocha Dad (yes a Dad blogger joined the mix) gave me the Charming Blog award and Julie of Frugal Shopping with Julie gave me the Kreative Blogger Award. I have already received these awards so I am not posting them again but I do want to thank you both!

These awards remind me that we all get by with a little help from our friends. If you are reading my blog for the first time or are a regular here I value you. I thank you for sharing your life with me and for being interested enough to check in on mine too. I actually want to give these awards to everyone that stops by because reading your comments and answering your questions really makes my day. Thank you and enjoy !


1stopmom said…
Congratulations girl :)
Congrats sweetie! You deserve it!
Allison said…
Renee--Congrats and have a wonderful bloggy day!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Yay! Congrats on the feature and the awards. See, Renee, I somehow don't think that your goal of making this whole thing a career is that far away =).

And you are right on about friendship being no more than a blog or email away!
Luxe Tips said…
You are well loved! Great blog so I am not surprised! You go girl!
Sheliza said…
Well congrats on all of your most deserving awards! Must feel really good :)
vodkamoom said…
congrats. Couldn't have happened to a nicer or more supportive bloggy friend. kudos to Cutie!!!!
Erin said…
Congrats!! You deserve each and everyone of those awards.:)
T.Allen-Mercado said…
Kudos on a heaping helping of well-deserved praise!

I'm on my way to get the dish on these dildo carrying dogs, sounds like something I need to read! :P
angie said…
Congratulations! I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog....:)
Kristen Andrews said…
congrats! Those are some new ones!
CaraBee said…
Go Renee! Awards are fun!
Petula said…
You're doing an excellent job on your blog and around the blogosphere. Way to go.
Lisa @ Serah's said…
Congrats Renee! I love your blog so it doesn't surprise me how many people love it too!
Congrats! Love all the bling. Way to go.
You deserve these awards! You have one of the most informative and fun blogs I have seen!
Heather said…
Well deserved awards, my dear. Congratulations!!
fly tie said…
oh a dad blogger! i'd never considered that. (in the same context of mommy blogging anyway.) shame on me.

yep. your blog is very informative and well written. i can definitely see how it's the repeated recipient of so much recognition. thank *you* for sharing. :-)
New and old friends eh? I meet so many new peeps everyday now I can barely keep up, then I feel guilty for not showing my face more around the old ones...and you know how it is...guilt, then more guilt. Glad to have you, eh!

And I changed my twit url to

whatcha think?
Anonymous said…
I love the lemonade stand award. So cute!
Congrats on all your awards!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, you and your blog are famous. For me 20 readers is a good day! Hehe
Jenni Jiggety said…
Congrats on all of those awards! :-D
HeatherY said…
Congrats on all of the awards!
LaTonya Yvette said…
Congratulations! I love reading your blog.
ThePOSHpreneur Clarissa said…
You are an inspiration to me with all your sweet posts and your heart is very truly full of love...I can tell from your posts. I was SO HAPPY to see a "familiar face" when I opened my MommyTalk email! Well desered recognition! I look forward to getting to "know" you more via the blogsphere!
sassy stephanie said…
Yay you on your awards! Every time I see your smile in bloggy comments it makes me smile!

Thanks for sharing in my SITS day with me!
Congratulations! You are my mom-blog idol!
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