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I really enjoy Twitter. If you do not twitter and you are a blogger what are you waiting for? It is a great way to network with other bloggers and business owners. And Twitter is really like the great equalizer (remember The Great Unifier) because you can talk to major Bloggers. I have actually "met" a few of my favorite bloggers using twitter - when a blogger has 100+ people commenting it is highly unlikely that they will visit your blog. I have met The Bloggess, Mocha Momma and Guy Kawasaki (the mastermind of AllTop) by sending tweets to them. With Twitter there is always an opportunity for interaction. Including fun and games.

The other day I was "tagged" by a Twitter friend "cgc coach" to write six things no one knows about me. Here is a list of random factoids about moi.

1. I was the runner-up for the Miss Teen New York contest. I did it on a whim and placed. Just so you know there was no bathing suit or talent competition.

2. My favorite hobby is reading. Although I used to read books all the time I find myself reading blogs and tweets more than I read books. But I am getting back in the habit of reading a book every couple of weeks. I am currently reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer - author of the Twilight Series.

3. I sing. I have loved singing ever since I was a child and sang everyday until college. I took a break for a few years but singing remains something that I do on a fairly consistent basis.

4. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed on the same day and I wanted to be awake for the procedure. The oral surgeon in his infinite wisdom put me out - when I was mid-sentence by the way- which was better for everyone. When I awoke I was smiling and happy. I think the nurse wasn't having a good day because he got upset that I was so cheery while others around me were suffering.

5. My favorite flowers are orchids. I love them. But I do not have a green thumb and my first orchid died - I haven't tried my hand at keeping one again.

6. I have been driving for over 20 years. I know- I can't believe it myself but it is true.

Six totally random things about me. And now I will tag a few of my twitter friends. I love their blogs and you should really check them out.

mommydaddyblog - that counts for two

Here are the rules:
Now, if you’ve been tagged with the meme game from twitter, you must post 6 things no one knows about you on your BLOG. Then you have to tag 6 more people. (don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged.) Leave me a message letting me know that you’ve accepted the tag. Let me know when you’ve posted your list and make sure there’s a link back to my BLOG. Have fun!!!


Sage and Savvy said…
I still haven't jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet...don't know what I'm waiting for...

I can't believe you wanted to be awake during the removal of your wisdom teeth...I still have all of mine and if I ever have to take them out you can bet I don't want to feel anything!
Ms. Bar B: said…
My friend just told me about the Twilight Series last night.

I too woke up quite cheery after getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Did you get them pulled in your early 20's? If so, that might be the reason =)
flickrlovr said…
Cool! Thanks for tagging me. I LOVE Twitter (duh) and I love getting to know people! Thanks Renee! I'll post my 6 tomorrow.

My URL goes to a non-existent site, BTW - haha ;)
Jacqueline said…
Twitter...hmmmmmm, think I'll give it a whirl, it will take a minute though. :-)
Twitter is totally the great equalizer. Except that most of the famous people who talk to me on there are actually other people pretending to be those people which I should have realized because some of those people are dead.
Food Lover said…
It was fun to learn all of these cool things about you--wow, all four wisdom teeth at once huh?! I've never been that brave!
Rachel said…
Thanks -- this will be fun. I've really enjoyed Twitter -- especially since I downloaded Twitterfox; MUCH more fun now!
Jenni Jiggety said…
I wish I could sing! I just picked up Twilight today at Target...I hope I enjoy it!
My personality is too obsessive to do the twitter thing (for now anyway!). I think that it would take more time (that I don't have right now) away from my family. It's a VERY tempting tool though...

Continue to have fun with it!
ImitationAngel said…
I'm on Twitter. I signed up about a week ago. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled at once. I didn't want to be awake but usually when I'm being cut on the doctors have a hard time keeping me asleep. I had warned them that I could wake up at any moment and during the middle of the surgery I did wake up. They were in the middle of pulling a tooth when it broke in half. I was making so much noise that they threathened to kick me out the office because I was making so much noise and scaring the kids. After that I passed out and woke up smiling (with my mouth full of cotton) because it was over.
Hi, Miss Teen New York,

I'm from NY state too!

I like Twitter. If I don't have time to blog I Twitter instead. It's a good way to keep in touch.

I just wrote a Meme "7 things" about me on my blog. lol
ali said…
I love reading the random things meme! I've been on Twitter for a couple of weeks now and I'm a little addicted!
Rachel said…
By the way -- my tag post will be up on Tuesday!

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