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There are some kind bloggers out there that give me awards for my blog. I savor them like fine wine and when aged just right I present them to you. Okay, I wrote that because it sounds good. The truth is I am a lazy bones and I am just now getting to rounding up the awards. So without further ado, here are the newest awards (and by newest I mean over the last couple of months, I know, bad blogger).

This award is from Jennifer of The Dirty Shirt - which is a primarily a review blog filled with excellent product reviews. Jennifer is one of the first bloggers that I met when I started blogging. Clarissa, founder of The Posh Parent and writer of The Poshpreneur also gave me this award.

This friendship award is from Moments of Colours a blogger that I met by way of Entrecard.

This award is from Amy of Amiable Amy. Thank you Amy!

This award is from Juliana RW of Juliana's Site. This just in - Christie of My Life - A Work in Progress gave me this award at the exact time I posted this post. And Denene of My Brown Baby gave this award to me Sunday afternoon! Thank you ladies.
I love butterflies and the color purple so this is one of my favorites. It is so nice I got it twice from 1stopmom my long time bloggy friend and Mom of Romance writer of the Sex Diaries of A Mom - check her out I think you will like her.

This award is from Dori of From A Yellow House in England. She is an ex-pat from Georgia (a peach like me!) living with her husband in England. She said that this award is to express gratitude for the friendship and support from the blogging community.

And finally the Super Mom Blog Award from Jennifer of The Posh Point of View and The Posh Parent. Jennifer is responsible for inviting me to write a weekly column on The Posh Parent. Thanks Jen! And this award originates from Moms Helping Moms another great ning community run by none other than Mama of Romance!

I also want to acknowledge Scary Mom of Twofer the Price of One and Savvy Suzie of the $200 Dollar Mission for giving me the Brilliante Blogger Award I have already received it but wanted to give you a shout out.

Thank you ladies for the awards. I truly appreciate them. And of course all of these awards have rules but I am going to break them. I am giving every single one of these awards to one blogger who truly deserves them and most especially the Super Mom Blogger Award.

Jennifer James of Mom Bloggers Club. Her blog is The Mom Salon and she is the webmaster for Hybrid Mom. And I bet you didn't know this - she also homeschools her two girls. She continues to baffle me because she really does it all. You are amazing Jennifer and truly deserving.

ETA: I am so appreciative of the love that my blog receives. And am happy to know that you enjoy reading it. So, with a bit more energy this afternoon I am awarding all of these awards to the following folks:

Fractured Toy
- my best bloggy friend
ThreeBoysOneMommy - she is the MOST creative blogger that I have every seen. You must, must, must visit her blog. A hint? All of her posts are from SuperMom and most use comic book graphics. She is hilarious!
Carrie - Raising World Changers - one of the first and most loyal of my blog readers. Always inspirational.
Just Your Every Day Blessed So and So - Jaime too is very supportive and an early reader of my blog.
Still Crazy After All of These Years
- Again, one of the first readers of my blog and she continues to support me.
Mom101 - She has given me the most exceptional advice.
Da Goddess - One of my close bloggy friends.
Zen Ventures - Maricris was the first person to leave a comment on my blog.

And I want to give the Lights Across the Blog Award to everyone that reads my blog. I truly appreciate your visits here. You make me happy.
Please check out my review of Clorox Anywhere Anti-Allergen Spray.


Congrats on the awards and I totally agree - Jennifer is the BEST!
ali said…
Congratulations Renee--you deserve it! And so does Jennifer!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Congratulations. As always, you deserve the praise!
Jennifer J said…
Thank you so much! How sweet of you to say. You're an awesome blogger yourself. There are amazing things in store for you.

Hey Kimberly and Ali -- Thank you!! :D
Anonymous said…
Phew! Your virtual bookshelf is goina break!
WHAT? She homeschools too? Oh good heavens.

I took the liberty of grabbing the awards I thought were cute and put 'em in my sidebar. :^)

I felt sure you wouldn't mind. You rulebreaker you.
Jenn P. said…
Congratulations! I also feel that you are very deserving of all those awards. :)
Dori said…
Congrats on all of your awards Renee! You so deserve them girl. :-)

And thanks for the shout out. I was so glad to pass that award along to you. When I think of the lights across the web, you definitely come to mind. :-)
amiable amy said…
ohh..what a cool woman you are for having people love you this much...i still have my award for you i gave it last Sept.22 entry...but, it's okay ...i know you are busy, i understand. Just doin' my rounds here. Have a good day always.
Christie said…
You're welcome and Congratulations! And you are right, Jennifer at Mom Bloggers/Mom Salon rocks!
Threeboys1mommy said…
I have one of those... just one sigh ;) Congrats! You deserve them.
MyBrownBaby said…
Congrats, Renee! And I'm by no means a "piler on," but I received an award this weekend, and I want to pile more praise on you! Go on over to MyBrownBaby for some more award love for CutieBootyCakes.

And Jennifer? Congrats on all of your success!!

Michele said…
Congrats on all the awards Renee - you definitely deserve them for producing such a great blog! And hats of to Jennifer too. I couldn't believe it when I learned she homeschooled her kids on top of all her amazing work online.
Mom101 said…
Thank you so much Renee, I'm honored. But mostly I'm honored to receive a nod from someone so very honored herself! Wow, you are one loved mama. Huge congrats.
Congratulations Renee! You ladies are doing a fantastic job.
Amazing_Grace said…
Congrats on the awards! You deserve them! :)

Thank you for my awards, but I don't think I deserve them. Maybe a Red Ryder BB gun stuck up my butt though. LOL!
Dawn said…
Congratulations!!! You deserve them all!!
Meaghan said…
Wow those are a lot of award! congratulations :)


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1stopmom said…
Well look at you and all your pretty awards! You do a great job and deserve every single one of them. Congrats Girl!!
Zen Ventures said…
Hey Thanks so much for the awards! It means a lot especially since my blogging has been taking a lot of neglect lately. I can't have it all- something has to give and most of the time it's blogging ☹ . Love your new blog look! Pretty!!!
Anonymous said…
After checking out all those blogs you awarded, I understand why Renee! Those are some very nice blogs; I'll be lurkin' them also.
I am quite honored Renee; thank you. You're one heckuva blogger and one heckuva pal.
Joanie said…
Oh, Renee, you are such a dear lady! Thank you. I have to tell you, you have been absolutely the breath of fresh air my stale life needed. I'm so blessed to have found you when I did. You and mannequin have made me feel very special and very loved.

Big hugs to you both!

Da Goddess
I saw you at San Diego Momma, and I had to come check you out. You've got a real nice place over here. Yes, indeed.
Anonymous said…
congratulations! you sure deserve them. God bless!
I love stopping by your blog! Congratulations on your well deserved awards. Going to check out your review of the allergen spray.
anymommy said…
Congrats. You deserve all the love!
Carrie said…
Your blog looks blogtastic. (I know that expression is tacky.) Thanks for the shout out! I love coming over for a read. You have a great blog that inspires me and I love your example of being a loving wife and mother.
Jamie said…
Thank you so much for all the awards! My goodness....... I love your blog and love that you have had such success!! You amaze me everytime I come for a visit! You go girl!!!
Lisa aka Serahs said…
Congrats Renee! You truly deserve every award!
Felicia said…
Thanks for coming by to visit! I love comments :)! It would be an honor if you would participate in "Make Something Mondays" as well! You are so talented! Those diaper cakes are beautiful!
Congrats on all those awards. You da best!
fly tie said…
well deserved! :-D

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