Let's Go Visiting!

Let's Go Visiting is one of my favorite books to read with Mekhi. It is a simple story of a boy with a dog on a farm, taking a walk and visiting with various animals along the way. It is a counting and animal identification book. If you have a young child I am sure she will enjoy listening to you read it. It is full of catchy rhyming and it will become a favorite of yours too.

If you want to look inside you are going to have to visit Amazon.com - I've "borrowed" the image from them. At $7.00 bucks this is a nice little book to add to your child's library. I highly recommend it.

In keeping with the theme - Let's Go Visiting. Please visit my review blog where I write about products that are helpful for Mom, toys and books. Right now you can check out
  • Holgate Blocks made in America from a renewable wood source, and
  • 1st Comes Love stationary. If you are in need of Holiday cards there is a discount offer waiting for you.
Would you like to get to know me better? After visiting my review blog take a trip over to Katydid and Kid, I am being featured there today.

Let's Go Visiting - What do you say?


Cute book and congrats on even more recognition! When I grow up I want to be just like you!
Traycee said…
Oh wow...Im off to Amazon
Sage and Savvy said…
Great job on the reviews! I'll have to look into the Holgate Blocks. I loved reading more about you/your blog on Katydid and Kid (thanks for the shout out!)

And I would NEVER have guessed you were over 35! Honest. What's your secret? =)
Threeboys1mommy said…
We need some new books... you know the kind that have all the pages in tact and haven't been colored in. Urggh, I have to look in to getting these things laminated.
Lisa @ Serahs said…
Congratulations on your feature!
I love book reviews. This looks like a cute one.

Can't wait to read the interview on Katydid.
Vodka Mom said…
I will definitely check out the book- I"m always looking for new ones- AND the blog! :-)

Thanks, we are always looking for new books to read. :)
Petula said…
You have really been getting around the blogosphere. Congratulations.
Cute book! Ironically, I just finished up a blog about one of my girls' favorites over at MyBrownBaby. Off to read the reviews... I'm definitely in the market for some holiday cards!
Sheliza said…
I will have to check that book out for William. I am now off to check out the other blog you are being recognized on. I hope you have a great weekend!
angie said…
Saw you there earlier today. Congrats!
Kathleen said…
Thanks again Renee for participating! I love reading the comments from all of your fans. You need to have a Cutie Booty Fanclub Button! :)
Kristen Andrews said…
congrats on being featured and I will have to check out that book!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Congrats on being featured!
Luxe Tips said…
Hey Renee!

I hope all is well! Great feature on you and your blog! Go girl! Also thank you so much fo always reading my blog and commenting. Thanks for the compliment regarding the wedding makeup.I do it for fun but it is always nice to receive props!

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