Captcha says the craziest things

The other day I met up with my dear friend captcha. I hate captcha. And I don't know what was going on with captcha last night but this is the phrase it wanted me to enter to prove I was human:

Listen Whitey

Huh? Captcha what are you trying to say? Seriously, what gives? Very strange indeed. Am I going to have to call the EEOC on you Captcha?

I can't make stuff like that up. And to be sure that my eyes were not decieving me I asked my mom to take a look. Captcha you are so crazy!


Erin said…
Ha! I've had captcha swear at me before, but never use a directive.
The Mom said…
Oh I wished I lived closer to Disney Land!'s cold here!

I wanted to tell you Allison, that I gave you 2 awards, please come and check them out
Um, in reference to the above comment - The Mom does indeed know my name. But she writes at Sex Diaries of a Mom and I think she may have been a little caught up!
The Mom said…
OM gosh! lol I am so sorry...that means that I left the comment for you for someone else! Ha, do I ever feel like a smuck! Guess that's what happens when you try to juggle a baby, and blog. Sorry Renee! Yes, I know your name! ;)
Maternal Mirth said…
Captchas and M&M are a disaster waiting to happen.

BUT yours is HILARIOUS!!!!! Muahahahahahaha ... listen whitey :-)
CaraBee said…
That might be the strangest Captcha I've seen yet. Funny and wrong, definitely. Is Captcha a computer program that randomly computes combinations of letters or words for us to type in? In which case the old a monkey could write Shakespeare thing applies or does someone put in a selection of words that are randomly used? All I know is I hate it. I type in the letters wrong at least half of the time because the stupid things are so hard to read. Down with Captcha!
T.Allen-Mercado said…
I'm already convinced I'm under surveillance for some of what I write-that would have driven me over the edge! Crazy captchas!
Anonymous said…
ha ha ha! The other day an entrant in my giveaway told me that her captcha said "asshat"

I think there's a demented programmer out there.
Kristen Andrews said…
captchas are so annoying, I took it off of my blog.
Vodka Mom said…
okay, have you tried the READING GLASSES? Surely you were not reading it right. However, try having two martinis next time, and THEN read it. I would advise against responding after said martinis. Always gets me in trouble. :-)
Jen said…
um wow. but your post is hilarious. that is a disaster waiting to happen...or really happening as it were.
ScaryMom said…
So true and maybe I'll keep a diary of all the ones I have to enter. Could be funny. I tagged you for an award at my Twofer blog. It was my first ever and I'm very excited to share it!
Anonymous said…
I hate captcha. Though once it said "wine" and I said "sure" and it wouldn't take it...
How bizarre and unfortunate! I once had one that was something like cupsin balls. I wish I'd written down. It cracked me up.
mrsbear said…
That is definitely strange. You should've gotten a screen shot for us.
ali said…
That's funny! I don't like the word captchas but you know, I kind of enjoy the math captchas were you have to add 2 numbers. Yeah, I'm weird.
Casey said…
Captcha called me a hoe earlier today, I'm glad it's not just me. I'm not sure if it was trying to tell me to buy the garden tool (hoe) or just couldn't spell what it was trying to call me. I don't use it on my site, it drives me insane.
Ms. Bar B: said…
HAHAHA. Don't you just love technology?
Joanie said…
I can think of WORSE things captcha could've come up with. Listen Whitey is actually rather funny. But then again, I'm strange.

Da Goddess
Threeboys1mommy said…
I feel you girl, I just had captcha call me a beaner. Jerk!
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