Thank you, thank you

I have received a couple of awards this week and I do enjoy the bloggy love. The thing about awards and memes is the tagging. That part of it really gets to be a bit much. I am going to post my awards because people were kind enough to think of me and I want to acknowledge that but I will do the tagging at a later date (I hope). Without further adieu, here they are:

I recieved this award from Jennifer at The Dirty Shirt, she is one of my friends from MBC.
I really love this award and am having a hard time deciding who to pass it on to.
The next one was developed by Mommy Brain Reports and given to me by Nessa of Nessa's Place, she is a straight shooter for sure! Love that.

I give this to some bloggers I have found on entrecard. Renee, Zee and Steve. I may not always hold the same opinions as they do but they give me food for thought.

Thank you Jennifer and Nessa, I appreciate you thinking about me.


Congrats on being brainy!
Cy said…
Congrats, Renee.
Thank you.
I'm currently having a fun ding-dong with Steve and you are clearly a bridge-builder!!!
I'm enjoying your blog as you remind me of one of my dear friends.
I will check out Nessa's site.
Thanks again,

P.S. When do you sleep??!!!
Steve said…
Thanks for the recognition. You got a cool blog, nice to see you got some awards for it. Good to see Zee here too. :-)

Wait, we're having a ding dong? That don't sound right. Lol. It's a pretty good one though. Never a dull comment battle.
Anonymous said…
I'm just going to automate a "Congratulations" response to your posts.

Holey Moley Renee. I hope you never feel unloved!
ali said…
Isn't blogging so good for our confidence levels?! I love getting awards but yes, the tagging, I understand. Everyone I read are the ones that are tagging me!
Dori said…
Congrats on your awards!
Dawn said…
Congratulations on the awards!
Jenn P. said…
Congratulations! Blog awards are so much fun!
leezee52 said…
Thanks so much for visiting me on my special day when I was the featured blogger at SITS…I could hardly sleep the night before I was so excited!

Lee :)
MomMega said…
You are going to have to get a bigger shelf, my dear! Well deserved! Congrats!
Kelly said…
congrats on your awards! you deserve them!
Marlaine said…
Congrats about the awards. I sure understand about the tagging though. The awards are cool, but I'm usually at my blogging limit before the award and don't find time to handle them too!
Congrats Renee. Thanks for exposing me to new blogs too!
Tammy Warren said…
Hey...congrats. I think I need to update the bookshelf.

These are really cute awards.
Sara said…
You are definitely going to need another shelf! Congrats!
Okay now I'm sorry you introduced you me to these political blogs. I am a recovering political blog commenter. I have lots of reasons to fall off the wagon when I go over there. I love and hate it at the same time. My hubby is gonna be concerned if he finds out.
Robert Saunders (Skylarking) said…
This is the best time of the year to receive an award as the holiday shopping season is coming up. (I had to say it, didn't I?)
Petula said…
Congratulations! I haven't seen these awards before - that's great.
angie said…
I'v never seen the brainy blog award. Congrats!

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