Sesame Street

Last Saturday Mekhi and I took a trip to see Sesame Street Live. I had preconceived notions about the experience. I expected children screaming at the top of their lungs, stroller traffic jams and toddlers weaving through the crowd amped up on a sugar high. My ideas about Sesame were not conceived by my overactive imagination.

Five years ago I happily chaperoned my friend’s 3 year old to Dora the Explorer at Radio City Music Hall in New York. It was my first experience navigating the streets of NYC with a stroller and I was strangely giddy and nervous as the date approached. Dora’s reality? Imagine 2000 toddlers screaming "Swiper no swiping!" and waving miscellaneous banners in the air; an interactive show that left the kids screaming for more as I looked for the closest source of Tylenol. I am happy to report that the Sesame experience was pleasantly surprising.

The producers of Sesame Street Live have the logistics of the show down to a science. All of the characters were life sized and not the "puppets" that are portrayed on television. As the characters played their respective roles I thought about how hot and sweaty they must be inside of the customs and wondered if they were nearly naked beneath. Their mouths did not move so that was a bit unnerving – dialogue played over the loud speakers but I am sure that the kids did not notice. The scenes were quick and easy to follow and intermission came quite quickly.

This is when Sesame pulled out the big guns – ginormous bouquets of Elmo balloons floated languidly in the air. Children throughout the arena pulled on the arms of their parents begging for one of the airborne novelties. And when the show was about to begin again Sesame kindly asked that the balloons and banners be placed beneath the seats so that all could see the show.

I loved Sesame Live. Revisiting the characters of my younger years and being introduced to the new was both charming and fun. Mekhi marveled at the lights and sounds that enveloped us and had a complete ball. When the show was over I exited to the right with baby on board my back as all mommies in the know will do. No stroller parking for me and waiting in lines forever. We exited without fanfare it was an enjoyable experience for all.


MomMega said…
LOVE that second picture! You BOTH look like you are having such a great time!
Robert Saunders said…
Sesame Street Live is on Long Island (or hereabouts) in early October. I'll be trying to take my daughter to the show. I've been keeping an eye on the calendar for a month now for it.
Threeboys1mommy said…
...But was Rosita there? Sounds like fun, they'll be here soon, but so will Thomas the train decisions, decisions.
Soulsearcher said…
I like when the performance is about fun for kids rather than marketing souvenirs, etc. Sounds like mother and son both had a great time!

Thanks for your comments on my blog.
I am reliving the time when my babies were babies, through you. Thanks.
mrsbear said…
It actually sounds pretty painless. I personally don't mind the Nick Jr. shows, but Sesame Street (televised) is still top tier children's programming to me. Not just cause I grew up watching them either. ;-)
So glad to hear it went so well! We had a similar experience recently with Medieval Times. We were fully prepared for it to be a complete and utter disaster. We were wrong! Yay!

Again, so glad you enjoyed yourselves!
ali said…
Sounds like fun! I never got to do that sort of thing when I was a kid so the upcoming Thomas the Tank Engine event is going to be an experience for my boys AND myself! I'm bringing ear plugs, though.
Oh my goodness! Must take my son to see this. It brings back so many memories. We would see Sesame Street live, then go home and sing the album over and over. Drove my mother NUTS! Ah, but it was good

Carrie said…
I love that you went to the show! My husband took our older daughter and she loved it also. What a great time and such a wonderful way to make memories!
fly tie said…
he looks thoroughly pleased.

yep. baby strapped on is certainly the way to go from what i've seen/read. so logical and convenient.
Tina F said…
I remember taking my now 18 year old to Sesame Street Live. I now have to do it all over again with my 4 year old. You've given me something to look forward to...not!

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