"Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass"

This was the lullaby that I sang to my son whenever he cried during his first days on Earth. Walking the dimly lit hallways of the hospital I would sing and hum lyrics that I barely knew with the hope that it would calm and soothe him. Early in the morning following my cesarean section the hospital staff didn't respond to my call. I carefully eased out of my bed to tend to my baby. I couldn't bear to hear him cry. Perhaps it was the hormones but I did everything in my power to keep my baby quiet and happy.

Every moment was so cherished and precious; he is my miracle baby. After fibroid removal surgery and an ectopic pregnancy resulting in the emergency removal of my fallopian tube, there was no guarantee I would have a baby. Luckily we conceived a month after getting the green light to try again from our doctor. Tthe first few months of the pregnancy were fine. Like many moms I had the obligatory all day "morning sickness." But soon after I hit 20 weeks my little boy decided he might want to arrive early.

Before his arrival at 38 weeks, I took five trips to the hospital, was on bedrest and on medications to keep pre-term labor at bay. And despite everything - it was worth it! My bundle of joy arriving screaming at the top of his lungs and all was right in my world.

Memories of those days are still vivid but sometimes it is hard to believe my once 6lb 10oz baby boy is now 16 months and deep into toddlerhood.

My baby, my life, my love. I have never known love like this before. Truly the greatest love of all.


Erin said…
This was such a beautiful post. I love the first shot of the two of looks very blissful.
It's funny that you sang that song to him when he was a newborn, because that's the song I've always sung to Luke. Our first night home from the hospital, he cried ALL night, and that was the only song I could remember all of the words to. I still sing it tohim.
Lovely post about your cherished event. Beautiful photos. Hold him close for these wonder years. I know I do, and my sweet baby is almost 38.
ali said…
What wonderful memories! I know, they do grow up so fast, don't they? Love the pic of him in his car seat with his little piggies sticking out. I'm a sucker for baby feet:)
angie said…
Wow. He is a little miracle, and these pictures are absolutely precious. C-Sections are NO fun. SOunds like you did really well carrying him to term with all those PTL scares. Whew.
Sage and Savvy said…
Babies are truly a miracle, don't you think...especially after all you've been through.

What a touching and beautiful story! When he gets older and is able to understand, your son will be able to read this post and I think his heart will melt... =)
Anonymous said…
How precious he looks. He looks just like a pea in a pod!

I can just see you slinkin down that hospital hallway to get to your baby.
What a very lucky little guy to have a mom like you.
JenniBeanV said…
So sweet! What a gorgeous baby!
Dawn said…
What a sweet post! He is truly a miracle baby!
CaraBee said…
What a beautiful story! I absolutely love that top picture of the two of you. You look so beautiful and calm and he is so tiny and precious. Just adorable.
Sweet Mummy said…
What a cutie! He's so sweet!! Great pics, by the way. I love newborn pictures. They are so precious!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the tip on Photoshop Elements. I appreciate it!
Keisha Coconut said…
*Tear* What a sweet post. There is nothing like motherhood, especially once it's attained after the fear/possibility that it might not happen. :)
Ms. Bar B: said…
Awwwwww! Look at the two of you. Those are some great and beautiful pictures by the way. I am glad that you shared. It was nice to see what lil' man looked like when he was an extra lil' man =).
I loved this post and the pictures are so wonderful.
The one at the top is arrestingly beautiful, Renee.
I completely understand your passion for your baby. My baby, delivered casearean as well, is now 33 and his sister 32 and my love has not diminished in its intensity for these two.
Thanks for sharing.
PS. Curious what the PhotoShop tip was??? ;)
Brittany said…
This was the sweetest post! You totally took me back to being in the hospital the first time. So precious!
MomMega said…
Okay, I LOVE that first picture. That is just a pure moment of love and bliss (plus, WOW, you look amazing). This a sweet, beautiful post!
Awwwww what great pics...I feel like it was just yesterday, but it was 8 months ago. WOW how time flies! You are right that it is truly the greatest love of all!

Great post Renee!
mrsbear said…
It's such a defining moment, isn't it? Everything changes after that. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics, I think it reminds everyone of their individual birth stories. Gives us a chance to relive it.
Sara said…
The first pic is beautiful! It is so hard to see them getting bigger everyday.
Babette said…
I love this post! It's so heartwarming and gave me goosebumps. I enjoy visiting your blog Renee. :)
alf said…
your story is amazing and you have a very cute baby. have a happy weekend mommy. take care.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful memories and gorgeous miracle baby. They do grow so fast don't they?

PS your diaper cakes are silly cute!
fly tie said…
:-D how beautiful.

i have to laugh at:

"I would sing and hum lyrics that I barely knew..."
I have a lump in my throat! It is a love like no other. Enjoy your sweet moments ... it will get a bit rocky down the road, but as long as you remember the love that is like no other, when the fruit is fully ripened, it will be sweet.
It's amazing what moms go through for their kiddos. Thanks for sharing YOUR amazing story!
What a wonderful way to record your memories! So sweet!

That was almost enough to make me want another baby. Almost...
Anonymous said…
priceless! truly a blessing from God.
That was TOTALLY enough to make me want another baby, which is good because at this point? I have no choice. ;)
Kristen Andrews said…
what a touching post! I agree the love you feel for your child is like no other, Will is my little miracle baby, sound like you had a tubal I did too and that is sooooooooo scary! Life is a gift isn't it. Thanks for sharing your story.
What a time, what a time. so beautiful.
Vicki said…
These pics are so good and precious! It makes me want to reminisce about mine :) I'm visiting you back from BATW. Thanks for stopping by!
Anonymous said…
oohhhh, not only is this brings back so many memories of my babies as well.

so sweet.
Joanie said…
Beautiful post and beautiful photo.

I'm so glad you were able to have Mekhi. What a precious joy!

Da Goddess
Sheliza said…
what a beautiful story and a true blessing.
Frankie said…
Those are the cutest photos ever... and what a great post! We had a similar experience: My second child kept trying to come early and I was at the hospital about five times getting my labor stopped. He still ended up arriving six weeks early and is still the impatience, non-stop child he has always been.

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