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You may have noticed something around here. No, nothing physically has changed but it does have to do with the content of my blog. I don’t write about current affairs frequently and that is by design. As a rule I stay away from things like politics and religion because as someone so aptly stated, “opinions are like azzholes, we all have one.” And I am not in the frame of mind to debate or spur debate in my comments, at least not on these particular topics. But I would like to mention something that is relevant to all of us and relates to politics.

The right to vote.

I think it is indisputable that we all have this right and for many folks their ancestors fought and died to get this right. So, in my own small way I decided that I wanted to make a difference by registering some voters. I had second thoughts about going ( it was raining and I thought I might be outside) but I pushed myself and did it anyway. I ended up alone in a neighborhood that was not so nice (inside a grocery store so I was safe) and I did it.

I was successful in my quest to register voters. Not many but more than one. Reactions to me were varied; one woman never voted in all of her forty-seven years. She was already registered but still took a moment to speak to me. I spoke to parolees that wanted to vote but were unable to. I talked to people that chose not to vote at all. As remarkable as all of this may sound there are other similar stories out there. And being in that place, at that time made a difference. Because even those that didn’t feel like registering or were already registered had a person to remind them about the importance of voting, especially given the history here in the South.

I would like to challenge you to do the same - make a difference in someone’s life. And no it doesn’t have to be political but whatever it is you’ve been thinking about doing --volunteering at your child’s school or mentoring a child whatever – just do it!

Tell me, what have you been thinking about doing to make a difference but put off? Writing it down may push you along.


Yolanda said…
I got certified to register voters in my county and have yet to find a person that wasn't registered! You have inspired me to make a concerted effort to increase my efforts.
Now that the dust has settled (we moved to Houston last year), I want to volunteer with Project Row Homes - it's a non-profit here that has built energy efficient, sustainable homes for single African American mothers and their families. They have a great afterschool program where they teach the kids art and African dance, etc.

Thanks for reminding me to pursue this. But I shouldn't be surprised you're service oriented - don't I remember you from Spelman?:)
I love this post. And, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and making a nice comment.

The last two years, I have been extremely involved in my son's school. You name it, I did it. I felt like I wanted to shift gears. I would always want to help out there, but I felt a bigger call. After reading a book and visiting the Holocaust Museum in DC, my goal is to volunteer in some way in the effort to prevent genocide. I have put out a few e-mails to some organizations to see if they could use my skills. I am waiting for a response. I'm sure I will post about it one of these days. I am excited I have identified my passion and can't wait to start making a difference--however small it may be,

Thanks for the reminder to vote and for encouraging others to do their part!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Its always amazing how a little goes a long way. You never know what one little deed can do for someone else.

I made a new friend who is raising money for cancer research, I decided to help her by spreading the word and bring attention to her cause. A chain of goodness =)
Amazing_Grace said…
I do vote, but sometimes there is no one to vote for. LOL!
Erin said…
Good for you! I am constantly asking people if they're going to vote. It's so important, especially in this upcoming election.
Wonderful Post!!!! You Go Girl!

Need some Luxury in your life?
ali said…
LOL@Amazing Grace! Sometimes I wind up voting for the lesser of the 2 evils but I find that when I do vote, I'm much more interested in the outcome.
angie said…
I do a lot of volunteer work already....but I've always wanted to be a NICU volunteer....your post has inspired me to be a better mommy and concentrate on doing the best I can with my little circus band. :)
Justice Jonesie said…
I just earned my right to vote last year when I became a US citizen. So I value that right very much. Although I have always been interested in politics, now I actually am involved in trying to make a difference. One thing I have been postponing is becoming a foot soldier for my candidate. I intend to do much more and I better get busy because the heat is on!
Thanks for stopping by, what a great blog you have!
Cristin said…
This election will by my first to vote in... I'm very excited about it!

Thanks for checking out my blog!!
That is absolutely awesome. I missed voter reg training last night with WAND, but I'm sure another is coming up soon. Since we're both in Atl (I think) We could go out together for safety, let me know. I want to work this month to make it happen!
Dawn said…
I had never voted until I was in my 30's and met my husband and he helped me realize what I was missing out on by not voting. I never miss a chance now! Great post!
Heather said…
Excellent post!! I'm so guilty about letting others make a difference and not asking myself what I'll do.
CaraBee said…
Thanks for the reminder to update my info on my voter registration!
Mandy said…
Hmmm, this is the second thing I have read today on voting, maybe it is a sign to get my butt in gear? :-) Great post!
Threeboys1mommy said…
I look forward to helping at my sons school... but I think I'm more exited about studying my son in his new environment then I am about helping.

Remind me to take my pocket size Purell!
Petula said…
I've always wanted to do some type of community service like volunteering in a soup kitchen or at an elderly home. My oldest daughter and I have decided to do something together. Both of us want to make a difference, but she needs to strengthen her resume for college. Good job with the registered voters. I'm sure even those who said they didn't or wouldn't register will think about it after talking to you.
Robert Saunders (Skylarking) said…
I've been putting off going to local libraries to offer teaching some computer courses in the evening. Similarly, I'd like to do some presentations for the local chamber of commerce on promoting their businesses online.
Luxe Tips said…
Great post Renee!

You really gave some great insight about people's perception regarding voting. Priceless!
Anonymous said…
What a timely post. I really want to get involved with my daughters school and was just talking about that last night.
Jennifer said…
Great write up :-) I will be voting this year!!! I have twice started and then stopped starting my own business for fear it wouldn't work out. I also have been wanting to volunteer at the hospital for kids nearby but my hands are full with the three that are mine lol
I also left you a little something at my blog below the circus post (sorry I got ya again but you really deserve this one)
Kristen Andrews said…
I vote every election and think it is a right that we shouldn't take lightly. I don't talk about politics either on my blog, I have strong opionions but keep those private. Great post!
Honey Mommy said…
Good for you!

I don't talk politics or religion on my blog either, but I always vote when I get the opportunity.
Christy said…
Wow - what a great post! I love your challenge and I hope it moves lots of people to get involved & make a difference!
Nessa said…
Amen, great post! I do state my opinion as you know but only because *I* feel it's important that my readers know who *I* am. It's definitely not for everyone though. The main thing is as you said, get out there and vote. Like I taught my kids, "Vote or don't complain".

As for things i need to do and haven''s private but i'll talk about it someday perhaps.....maybe after I do it, but I did make a decision just yesterday to pursue this. It will improve my life and maybe even my self esteem in some ways.

By the way, I left you a goodie over at my place. Enjoy :)
this is awesome! Really - I like this post a lot!!
You are inspiring!
What you did was excellent! People now take for granted something that other people fought hard to gain. It is good to be reminded and go back to the roots in order to appreciate what we have today.

I used to do a lot of volunteering back in Idaho. Today I have pared down on it and still do volunteer at church - that is my slice of making a difference.

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