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Today I wanted to write something inspiring or poignant or brilliant. But nothing came to me. I have misplaced my list of potential blogging topics so I am sort of stuck. Let’s talk about current events shall we?

I live in a state where gas stations have little or no gas. Last Friday when I went to Kroger gas was unavailable. That is unheard of! I hightailed it to the QT and filled up because I knew a shortage was coming. The current situation is reminiscent of the seventies. Our gas prices are the second highest in the country and some people are waiting for 45 minutes or longer for gas. Fights are breaking out at the gas pumps. Cars are running out of gas waiting in line for the pump or when driving around town searching for gas. Georgia is not the only state in this predicament - Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina are all experiencing similar shortages. Although our pipeline was not directly impacted by the recent storms, the refineries are not back to normal production levels. Which has translated into shortages and gas prices of $4.49/gallon. Apparently the Feds have some plans to remedy the situation. We shall see.

The Presidential debates are Friday. Although there has been talk of postponing the debates, I personally want to hear from both candidates to see what their plans are for the future. We are 40 days from the election and to make an educated decision we need to hear from the candidates.


In other news. One of my favorite television shows premiered last night, Criminal Minds. It is simply amazing! It follows a group of FBI behavioral scientists – profilers -as they solve crimes all across the country. I usually DVR this show and watch Grey’s Anatomy. If the rest of the season is filled with the thrills and heart stopping moments of the premiere, I may have to switch that around. The actors, dialogue and story lines make this show a hit. And I can't forget the eye candy - Shemar Moore. Seeing him every week is enough to keep my attention!

If you have never watched this show look for it next week on CBS and let me know what you think.


Mandy said…
I love Criminal Minds too and watched it last night. I soooo didn't want Derrick off so when the ambulance blew up I was soooo upset!
Cristin said…
I can't imagine having to deal with that gas situation... I hope it improves for you.

I've never watched Criminal Minds... I am super excited for the premier of The Office tonight! Oh how I've missed Jim and Pam!
Solei said…
omg, i can't believe gas stations are out of gas!!! And $4.49 a gallon?!?!?!
Geez, I hope things get better for you. Ours is a whole dollar less, and even at that, it's still hurting my pocket!
angie said…
Wow, Renee. I didn't know the gas shortage was that bad on your coast.
Live.Love.Eat said…
OMGoodness. Shemar Moore is just one of the hottest men. I have loved him long time!!!!! I actually had the pleasure of dating someone years ago who looked so much like him. Ahhhhhh, oh where was I. Oh, it didn't last long, he went back to his ex girlfriend. Hah!!!!!!!
Hmmm...maybe I'll call a tow truck soon! Gas is INSANE!!!
Threeboys1mommy said…
That's the first I've heard of your gas shortage.... or maybe my Floridian sister-in-law has mentioned it, I never listen to her. ;)
Amazing_Grace said…
Good gosh! Where has that eye candy been hiding? :O
Wendy said…
Woah. I had never heard of Shemar Moore before, but Hubba Hubba!

Some parts of Texas are in gas shortage, too. Here in NM we aren't seeing it, thankfully, but my inlaws nearly got stuck in Dallas on a long trip. They got up at 5:30 in the morning so they could get gas & get back on the road. Kind of crazy.
ParentingPink said…
Glad you posted about the current shortages! I think it's a great topic! I too am waiting to see the debates tomorrow...should be interesting.

Oh, btw, this Shemar Moore is now I am going to have to watch the show!
I feel your Georgia pain. Lots of stations near here (Athens, Jackson County) are either completely out of gas or have put restrictions on how much gas you can pump — like a limit of $20 at the station I went to yesterday. $20 barely gets me a 1/4 tank these days. Thankfully, I only paid $3.99 a gallon, but today, many of them have gone up to $4.15.

I really hope they don't cancel the presidential debate. Not that I need any convincing since I've already decided who I'm voting for, but I think America needs to hear from the men who want to lead our country.
Oh yeah...and Shemar Moore is hot! :)
I remember the lines waiting for gas in the 70s. I remember how you could only buy gas on alternate days. Gesh, my son was little during those gas shortage days. Now his own kids are older than he was then and its the same thing all over again.

My mom and dad, who lived through the depression, always told me I wouldn't want to live through times like those. My generation laughed and said 'too many checks and balances for that to ever happen again!'. So much for checks and balances.
Serahs said…
I'm so sorry to hear about what's going on over there as far as gas. I need to call my family members on the east coast to check on them. Thanks for sharing that info. On the Shemar Moore note, thanks for the eye candy! ;)
ali said…
I remember Shemar from when I used to watch Young and the Restless! The gas situation is ridiculous. Bush just recently announced the economy was in trouble after saying for the past couple years how good it is. Hmph.
Joanie said…
I think you got our gas prices. Normally, we're one of the top price regions for gas, but we've been given a bit of a break (knock wood). I feel for you!

As to debates...Little Dude and I are watching because I want him to get a good idea of what it takes to run for office. I want him to understand the issues and learn to parse what he hears into meaningful information.

Now, Criminal Minds. What a great episode! Even LD stayed up to watch (this is the first time he's been interested). While I heard a gasp from him when Derek was driving into Central Park. I reassured LD that Derek was still alive...he had to be! And he was. Mostly, I love how he and Penelope play off each other. It's the sweetest thing!

Da Goddess
Weeksie50 said…
What a funny comic. But it is so very sad.. although my mind is already made up about the election.. I do want to hear what they each have to say..
Good N Crazy said…
Yeah, crap on the gas predicament. I recommend everyone move to small town USA. Turns out I can't remember the last time I filled up on gas, and I still have a 1/4 tank left!

And funny on Shemar Mooore. I loved CM for the first season or two (Mandy Patinkin I LOVE- and he sang the song that inspired my blog name..anyway) but then the shows got so 'drama-ish', We did record the premier, probably watch it tonight while folding laundry!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Lol, I have a list of blogging topics too. Looking at them makes me wanna write on every one all at once.

Wow @ the gas situation! We haven't gotten there yet in my area. It only gets crazy when one station has gas for very cheap and everyone is fighting to get their share.

And yes, Shemar is very yummy =)
Maybe I should dvr this show and watch when the kids are not around. ooooohhhhhh that picture of that man is hot, hot, hot!
CaraBee said…
I had no idea there were still gas shortages! Why? And why not everywhere?

Regarding the debates. Frankly, I would much rather see the two candidates, both of whom are still supposedly serving their elected terms, get back to work and figure these crises out. I am very interested to see how they ACTUALLY handle this situation rather than just talking about what they MIGHT do.
Liza said…
it's sad to hear about your gas problems over there. i wasn't even aware that there is a shortage, i mean you of all countries.
Kristen Andrews said…
In Michigan our gas prices are around $4.59 so ours are high also and yet we have some of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Crazy!

I haven't watched Criminal Minds I will have to add it to my 20 hrs a week of TV (not kidding)
Nessa said…
He's a truly beautiful man, no question and when he was chasing that creep i was screaming " NO No NO, it might be a trappppppppppppppp!!!" My kids were cracking up and offered to get me a ventilator in case i passed out. Brats. it just got worse when he drove off with the bomb lol. And what was Reed doing leading the way looking for the bad guy there at the end??? He's Reed, he's smart, Not manly!!! Sheesh, i could have almost sued over the heartattacks they almost caused last night lol. Love Love that show.
Pregger TJ said…
oh how i love Shemar Moore!! i think i'll have to catch CM now!!
Melissa said…
Wow, and I thought $4.20 was bad. $4.49 a gallon would have me crying at the pump...and it sounds like it would be a wonder if I was lucky enough to get to the pump at this point.

I sure hope a new president will be able to make the changes this country so desperately's getting ugly out there lately!
JenniBeanV said…
I haven't seen Crimnal Minds! It is good, huh? I will have to check it out!
Cat said…
oo I agree - Criminal Minds is GREAT!!
That premiere was really good too! I loved that dialogue right after the ambulance blew up!
" >> you are my God-given solace. Never stop talking to me.
>>I can't talk to you right now, I'm too mad.
>> That's okay. I'll wait."

loved it!!
shimumsy said…
wow, that's awful with regards to your gas. it was in the news here too. high prices + no gas!!!!hope it normalize soon.
mrsbear said…
I'm with you on the debates. I'm not a big fan of politics, but I feel like I really need to see them one on one, addressing the issues.
Kelly said…
i won't even get started on gas or politics. ugh!

i was so ill last night that i went to bed at 8pm! drag. but the worst part... i forgot to dvr criminal minds. bigger drag.
I loved hearing all the goings on in your neck of the woods. So sorry about the gad though. It is hard to know how this election will go. Personally I would love an "other" box.

I wanted to thank you for stopping by on the layover from BATW. What fun seeing so many amazing women and the bootie cakes are so wonderful.
Anonymous said…
I FINALLY watched this and it was amazing. And yes, Shemar Mooore is so beautiful.
Yep, I just got some of that high ass gas on Moreland Ave. I had to pass 3-4 gas stations before I could get to pay my $4.49 per gallon, yea me:(

McCain needs to definitely show up for this debate because he's been making a bunch of jerky statements. I wish he would come on a say what he has to say because he can't do anything for the country's economy at 9:00pm tonight. Nobody's gonna be open for business on Friday night 9:00. So get to debatin'
I watched CR and it was sooo good. But I was totally afraid at the end that we wouldn't know if he died until next week. I was just pulling up google to do a search when they pulled him up on the screen.

He has such good dialogue with the girl, I would hate to see him go.
fly tie said…
lmao @ that cartoon.

seems like we might be heading towards some kinds gas shortage as well. nearly every station has a plastic bag over the pump... as in: "empty".

and my goodness. why are folks breaking out fighting at the pump? lol! so much frustration and tension. just breeeaaathe people.
1stopmom said…
I am a big fan of Criminal Minds too. I have loved Shemar for a long time. Especially when he played Malcom on The Young and the Restless. I am so glad they did not kill off his character.
Tina F said…
I love it too! It's Shemar Moore just the handsomest thing you have ever seen. I totally dig the "thing" he has going on with Garcia.
Petula said…
Yea, isn't this gas thing crazy!? I've never seen anything like this. I filled up yesterday because I was on E. Actually my BFF took my van and waited more than 30 minutes at the third gas station for gas.

I've never watched Criminal Minds, but I love Grey's Anatomy. I haven't watched the first one yet, but it's still on my DVR.

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