Heavy Weight

The United States is “the” global super power and we are also the fattest nation in the world. I suppose this should come as no surprise in a country where being upwardly mobile (or appearing to be) means having the latest and greatest gadgets, cars, and homes. Video games, home theaters, netflix, cable, food delivery all at our fingertips. Most of us have the creature comforts that make us happy and really don't have to leave our homes except for work. Our homes are our havens. Exercise and eating well are just not a priority for many of us.

And I am included. For a long period of time I was a fitness maven, going to the gym multiple times a day, eating healthy and I even became an aerobics instructor. But I have always let my weight fluctuate, up and down like a see – saw. Oprah does it why can’t I? Just kidding. But as a nation we have watched Oprah fight the battle of the bulge for the past 20 + years. And can totally relate to her struggles.

At the moment I find myself at my heaviest and I have no real motivation to lose weight. I do know that the combination of poor food choices and no exercise will lead to nothing nice in the long run. With that in mind I've decided to do something. I am incorporating exercise into my life. I’ve made a pact with Mary and we are going to be accountability partners. I also joined a fitness community. I will be taking baby steps and I know this is a step in the right direction.

Sunday was the first day of exercise. By the time I had pulled out never used CDs from the boxes I have yet to unpack Mekhi woke up from his nap. But not to be deterred I chanelled Tim Gunn of Project Runway and said to myself “Make It Work.” I popped in the Yoga Booty Ballet ( I am not making this up) DVD that was a freebie with another purchase and started to dance.

Mekhi was okay dancing along for about a minute but it soon became clear that he wanted my attention and would not stop crying or whining until I accommodated him.

To “make it work” I strapped on my trusty Baby Hawk Mei Tai – a carrier that is a Godsend and put him on my back.
As I danced and strutted around the room I could hear Mekhi’s teeth chatter at every jump. Five minutes of this and he was ready to get down. I placed him on the couch and he did not move until I was done with my exercise.

That “make it work” moment proved to me that I can incorporate exercise into my life. And really, I owe it to my family – being a sickly young woman with diabetes or any other disease associated with obesity is not going to benefit any of us. My goal this week is three exercise sessions. One down, two to go. Yes, I know it is Friday but I can do it.

Have you struggled with your weight? Do you have any sage words of wisdom to give me?


Ms. Bar B: said…
Congrats on getting your "booty" moving. I actually kept one of my dates with Billy Blanks this week too. Gotta wait until I get my relaxer next week before I get back to sweating up a storm.

As I am NOT in any kind of position to give weight lose advice, the best advice that I can give is to find something that you love doing, whether its a DVD or a class. I lost my 1st 16 lbs at Curves. Since you stay home with Khi, the Yoga Booty Ballet sounds like a great and fun fit for you.

Good luck!!!
T.Allen-Mercado said…
I'm following your lead! I weigh today what I weighed in 1999 at my last (as in two days before delivery) prenatal appointment with Yael. I have not been motivated previously, but my current weight puts me right at the healthy BMI limit and my wardrobe's stretch capacity. I'm literally a pound away from worry and nudity. We can do it! (laughs)
Look at you. Way to go... way to "make it work."

Honestly, I would love to give you advice. I am having a difficult time myself. I cannot seem to get over the fact that I need to lose weight in the first place. I was always skinny. And now, my "baby" is 5 years old and I'm 38 and it just isn't easy anymore. Will power requires discipline and extra energy. But... whenever I do start, I notice my life comes right back into balance. So, what is stopping me? I don't know.

I admire you for starting. Good luck! You can do it :).
Sage and Savvy said…
I've been struggling with my weight since high school. I would make an effort to eat healthy and exercise regularly and once I got to my ideal weight I just let myself go again. I really have to work at it...once baby #2 is born I'm going to make a better effort on staying healthy...I want to set an example for my kids and be around to watch them grow!

My thinking is that if we are able to take good care of ourselves, we're better able to take care of our kids...we just can't give up. It won't happen overnight, but we can make small changes each day and in the end it will make a big difference!
clair said…
Important thing is to stick with your routine. You can do it! Exercise gets to be addictive after a while.
angie said…
I think I posted this before? A goods night rest and lots of water and being accountable for what I eat helped me lose weight. I think the partnership with Amy will be so great!
Dori said…
It's so great that you were able to make it work and get your workout in. :) I have been trying to get back into working out myself. I used my Billy Blanks DVD on Monday and it wore me out. LOL. Today I am going to blow the dust off my pilates DVD and give it a try. I injured my back in a car accident a while back and found that pilates has helped me with my core muscles. Of course when I turn on this DVD today, after this while of slacking off, my core muscles will probably say..."oh, we thought you forgot us." :) Keep up the great work Renee.
Amazing_Grace said…
I used to be skinny as a rail. I'm 5'7 1/2" and USED to weigh 115 (that was about 8 years ago). For some reason my body has changed over the years and the weight has crept up on me (I now weigh 125). I work out every day, do a power walk, and eat right and still the weight doesn't come off. Things sag now and I get very discouraged. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Anonymous said…
Well that's the way to go Renee! With that kind of dedication, you'll make it! I think it's kinda funny that after all the teeth chattering, little Mekhi decided to wait it out!

I also think it's a good thing for our children to see that WE have needs and desires, things WE like to do also. And little Mekhi will be so proud of you when he starts elementary school. Just remember that!
CaraBee said…
Good for you. This is something I definitely need to address in my own life. For the past 5 months or so, I've been going walking four or five times a week but haven't seen any noticeable differences in my weight or the way I feel so I'm beginning to get disheartened. But I just keep thinking that it really is doing me good and that eventually I'll see results.
The best advice I have is to stick with it for a month, rain, shine, or laziness! Push past it and once you reach the point where it becomes a habit, you will notice that not only do you feel worse when you don't exercise, you will have more energy for EVERYTHING in your life.

I'm not one to talk RIGHT NOW, since I've still got almost 30 lbs to lose since Abby was born but about 6 months before she was born I had finally lost all my Jake baby weight. I was on Weight Watchers and running and I became so addicted to it because it felt good and it worked.

If you can find push past the first month, it will become so much easier.

Good luck with it, I need to commit to it myself....
Mary said…
Good for you with the fabulous attitude! Thanks so much for working with me to reach our weight loss goals. I've walked twice this week and will get one more in for sure. I think I'll even try to dig out my weight loss videos. I always wanted to try Yoga Booty Ballet! How is it?
Define "struggled", hehe. I am not happy with my current weight, but I have only ever gained weight during pregnancy. It holds steady otherwise. I am struggling in that I am trying to get it down, but that doesn't seem to be happening at all. I won't diet and I do exercise, so we'll see.
Way to go, Hekhi's Mom, you will now be my official inspiration! I have fluctuated over the years from being almost underweight to being honestly morbidly obese. Right now, I'm closer to being simply over weight, knowing I could tip it either way. You have inspired me so please keep us updated, providing that motivation we need.
Luxe Tips said…
Good for you Renee! I have ran/walked 1 mile 3 days this week and I feel great! I have also committed to not eat after 8pm and to severely cut back on sweets. I feel better already. I will encourage you! Keep me posted on your progress!
Kelly said…
i don't have any advice but i can't stop laughing at the image of your poor son bouncing up and down as you danced your heart out! OMG, that's so funny! LOL!
ParentingPink said…
Ok, I definitely need to get this "Yoga Booty Ballet." My booty could use a little work, if you know what I mean :-)

I'm with you on this post! After having three children, I still have a few pounds to lose. To "make it work" I've been hopping on the treadmill in the morning and popping in a Yo Gabba Gabba (don't ask!) video for the kids. I'm not one to use TV to placate them, but I need some "me" time too!

By the way, your son is adorable...and I do think he would like Fancy Nancy! As you know, I don't have any "blue", so I'll be reading your blog lots to get my "boy fix." LOL. Have a great weekend!
Tammy Warren said…
You can do this. Having a partner is going to help. I blamed my children for so long about not getting up off my rump.

You go girl.
Anonymous said…
Not only have I struggled. I have considered WLS so many times. I know that I just need to commit and get moving, but it is so hard. may be we can all keep each other motivated.
anymommy said…
No words of advice, just encouragement. You can do it!
No advice. I haven't done any activities in about three weeks(who am I fooling 4). I do have a smoothie every morning made from fruit. If I work out and smoothie I can see the difference, then I fall off and back to my momma's butt.

@Tameka, I am bigger than my nine preg weight with number one, not yet the preg weight with number two, but if I keep playing....I'm gonna join you renee. I can't be held accountable though...lol (who am I kidding)
Christy said…
I have the Power 90 and Slim in 6 DVDs and I really like them (I think that's the same company--Beach Body, right?) I've gone up & down on the exercise roller coaster. Sometimes I'm really motivated & consistent; other times, not so much. Props to you for making it work!
Psych said…
I don't have any sage words of wisdom, but I sure do empathize with you. I'm still trying to lose the weight from my pregnancy and bedrest 2 YEARS AGO. Aaagh!

Like you, I used to be super-fit and didn't have to work much to stay thin or lose weight. Age and motherhood have changed all that. It's metabolically harder to lose weight, and priorities and responsibilities are WAY different.

StickK.com is super-motivating to me, and having accountability partners is also great. I also posted today about my weight frustrations and goals at:


Good luck! I'll be cheering you on!
Maternal Mirth said…
I am going all sorts of rah-rah for you!

You can DOO it :)
Threeboys1mommy said…
I'm right there with you girl, this week I watched what I ate (mostly) next week I'll incorporate al little more activity.

The thought of you and Mekhi doing that cracks me up... please do it again and put it on YouTube!
Carrie said…
You go girl!

My advice- I cut my portions. I ate whatever I wanted but in smaller sizes. I eventually quit using sugar and sweets. I cheat every once in a while but that is what helped me to lose all of the baby weight. This is a really tough issue. I am glad that you have an accountability partner. Keep us posted on how you do.
Lylah said…
love this post and what you've got going here. thanks for stopping by the lylah blog!

blessings! lylah
Vicki said…
I noticed two things off the bat that I think you're doing right: you're taking baby steps and having an accountability partner. Keep up the good work and motivation! I think setting the smaller weekly goal as opposed to a huge aspiration is much easier to accomplish.

I need to heed my own words! Can I have a Wii Fitness for Christmas? :)
Elisa said…
I hear you there, I, too am at my heaviest and I am not determined to start exercising again and eating properly (which for me it's a bit complicated, since I have food intolerances and hypoglycemia). Today my babystep was to skip the chinese food and make myself a salad with lots of greens, sprouts, cherry tomatoes and poaches salmon. I'm feeling good about that.

I have to say though, you look absolutely fantastic in your photo!

I also share your love for the Baby Hawk... the best carrier ever!
Serahs said…
I completely understand. I have been slack on my nutrition and exercise and I haven't even had kids yet. In the next couple weeks, I'm going to start the Flat Belly Diet so I'll be stopping by to read your journey for encouragement.
Kim said…
Yoga Booty Ballet!!!
and your dancing with your son too Renee!!
good for you :) :)
Dawn said…
I have never had any major weight issues, but I teeter on the verge of having to buy bigger clothes all the time and really don't want to. I can easily see that my eating habits will have me very unhealthy and overweight if I keep it up. My advice is to hang in there and keep up the exercise! I can't make myself do it lately, but it really is the key. I think it's great that you were so determined to find a way to make it work! That's awesome!
Anonymous said…
Good for you!

I know I always feel better when I'm working out, and agree it's one of the most important things I can do to stay a good mommy. Taking care of me helps put me in a better place to take care of daddy and baby.
Joanie said…
I've never been heavier in my life! I've become very discouraged by my weight and one of my most anticipated outcomes from the impending surgery is the ability to be very active again. Granted I wasn't thin before my back injury, I was at least much more fit and smaller than I currently am.

I can't wait for the day when I can resume taking long walks, hiking, playing at the beach, dancing! All the things that made life enjoyable.

Good luck, Renee! I'm wishing you a successful journey!

Da Goddess

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