Diaper Cake Update

My latest creation is a custom order baby shower gift. The new mother loves green and the red ladybugs and roses accent the cake perfectly. The shower is next week and I will be sure to report the reaction to the cake. Do you have any suggestions for themes of cakes? I am working on a sports theme but is there anything that you would like to see?


Tena said…
that turned out beautifully! As for a theme, well I am all about anything monkey's, lol
CaraBee said…
As always, so cute and creative. You've probably already done this, but what about bumblebees? Dragonflies?
Kelly said…
OMG i love it! i hope she loves it, too!

how about a penguin theme? you could make a cute little tuxedo looking cake. with cummerbunds as the ribbons wrapping the cake. maybe a red bowtie at the top? i think it would be so cute!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your very nice comment.
What about a "survival" Diaper cake. Like put a bunch of mini's on the cake like a travel butt creme, mylucon, travel wipes etc..
Could be cute/funny.
That is so pretty!

I wouldn't have imagined such a vibrant red on a diaper cake, but it really does look great!

It's contemporary and if it fits what the mom-to-be likes, it's sure to be a hit!
shimumsy said…
that is a cute one. if you change the ladybugs to pine trees and wreaths, it could be perfect for the coming christmas season too.
Maternal Mirth said…
That is prolly my favorite cake.

Ideas for a diaper cake, eh? Let me get back to you ... my creative juices ain't a-flow'in yet ...
Solei said…
What a beautiful diaper cake! I'm absolutely sure they'll love it!

As for themes, mmmmm... my baby's 7 now, so I'm not so sure what themes are in for babies, lol. But you seem to be doing a pretty good job!
Dawn said…
That is so pretty!! Great job!
This cake looks really good. If it's from my neck of the woods right now it would have to be camaoflage for hunting. ;-)
Petra said…
I love the ladybugs! Personally, I am a big fairies and butterflies fan and would love to see a cake like that! Kind of like a fantasy, fairy-world theme? What do you think?
Ann said…
this one's cute!

I like the idea of cultural diaper cakes. Using the colors of the flags the parents are from.
Kim said…
gorgeous Renee !!!
sea shells...stars..water theme?
Anonymous said…
That's a cute one Renee! I was thinking the other day...(oh no.)
I have never seen a company that made eco friendly cloth diaper cakes. Is that possible to do or would it not be cost effective? Maybe some parents to be have sworn to using cloth?
Also...I don't particularly care for anything movie theme related but how about a few of the classics like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and so forth?
Wait a minute....don't you have enough to do already without drumming up more work?
ParentingPink said…
Wow! You are very talented! Love the ladybugs! And you know that anything "pink" themed works for me! LOL
Babette said…
Hello Renee, thank you for the birthday greetings. :0) That's really nice of you!
As for the theme for your diaper cakes, how about 'Love of Books'? You can add those tiny books on the cake.
Absolutely GORGEOUS! Wow, it's stunning!!! You are beyond talented!

I think musical notes would be cute. I love the lady bugs btw. I just really love your work a lot.
Very cute!

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Petula said…
I love this one! I call Anna my little ladybug. But do you know what this one made me think of?: Strawberries and cream. I guess it's the colors. What about something like that? You could do Blueberry. Cherries... I don't know - maybe food themes that mimic a craving the new mother had. I can't wait to hear the reaction about this one.
Ms. Bar B: said…
Beautiful as usual. I love lady bugs =).

I can't think of any themes right now, but I am 100% sure you will continue to come up with beautiful and creative cakes.
Melissa said…
That is adorable. I've never thought of doing a cake quite like you do yours. Your cakes are quite impressive.
Lite }{ said…
Wish I woulda hollered at you to make my wedding/groom's cakes for my recent wedding. My mother was not happy to say the least with the cakes the cake designer we used produced. The cakes tasted really good, but didn't look like anything we described or requested them to be. I dunno what happened, but I'll get over it soon, lol...}{

Puanani503 said…
I love this cake..you're truly amazing
and talented, Renee:)
e diaper cake said…
Thats a really cute diaper cake. You can make some simple changes and turn it into a Christmas diaper cake.

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