A Trip

Thanks for stopping by. As usual I am thrilled that you are visiting my blog. Today I am taking up residence at MommyDaddy Blog and I would love for you to read my post there. Mommy (Sheena) and Daddy (Greg) are parents of a 3 month old son and are writing all about their adventures in parenting. A new mom myself, I am providing them with some tips. Come, visit with me, I promise to make you laugh and smile, it is definitely worth the trip!


Carrie said…
Thanks for recommending this blog. Her family is so cute and her topics are helpful to read. Have a great day!
Lisa C said…
Heading right over!
Christy said…
I'll go check you out over there. :)
i'll go check it out, but i just wanna say, i love your diaper cakes!!

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