A Meme and Awards

I am way behind with my memes and awards so I will post half today and half tomorrow. This meme is from Crunchy Green Mom for 7 random things about me.

1. I was the fifth generation of my family in the town that I grew up in and we were the first black family to settle there in the late 1800's.
2. I love riding roller coasters at amusement parks - the bigger the better.
3. When I was 11 my godfather and I rode on the trolley in San Francisco. As we hung on for dear life a lobster we purchased from Fisherman's Wharf tried to get out of the box he was in.
4. I don't like Snickers Bars and in a college public speaking class I did a commercial about Snickers and gave the bar away. Everyone was surprised.
5. Even though I am not afraid of heights I don' t like walking down marble staircases. Like the ones in Union Station in DC, they make me nervous.
6. I used to collect expensive watches but after my 2nd Movado was stolen (and the rest of my collection too by my Movado was the first expensive watch- I received it as a highschool graduation gift) I stopped collecting.
7. Until I started blogging I only read one blog and that was occasionally. I can't count the number that I read now.

I have tagged alot of folks this week so if you want to participate in one of these meme by all means please do and let me know you are participating in my comment section!

I have to say I really am feeling the love from the blogosphere - memes and awards are in abundance this week! I have received an award from Bridget of the Mama Belly Blog - The Kind Blogger Award! Thank you Bridget.

Here are the rules:
The Rules:
1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.
2. Four (4) of them are followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

I am giving this award to the folks that have featured my blog just because they wanted to. Truly Kind, thank you!

1. Daily Grind of a WAHM
2. 1Stop Mom
3. Ring Leader
4. Pen Lighted
5. Craft Therapy

I am adding a couple more, yes I know I have said I am a stickler for rules but I am bending a few this week!

6. DaGoddess
Just one more - because the SITS gal's called my blog a saucy blog they get one too!
7. The Secret is In The Sauce

I have also received the Brilliante Blog Award from Dawn and Ms. Bar B. Ms. Bar B. and Amazing Grace also gave me the I heart your Blog Award.

I received the Blogging Friend Forever Gold Card from Wendy at The Domestiquette

Finally, to round it all out Tammy of A Day to Share With Tammy gave me a beautiful display case with all of my awards including a new one - the Excellent Blog Award. Here they are for all to see.

Thanks everyone. I believe I have fulfilled my meme and award quota for a long time (not that I am ungrateful) but I cannot tag another person.



Joanie said…
Thank you for my award. That's so sweet! YOU are a kind blogger. And that's the truth.

I hate to admit this but I have a Movado that was given to me this Christmas that I've never worn and probably never will. Terrible, eh?

Now about your other meme answers...I don't like Snickers either, love roller coasters but will likely never ride another in my lifetime unfortunately. Awesome fact about your family. That is probably the coolest thing I've read via this meme!
1stopmom said…
Awww Renee,

Thank you so much. I have never got any awards before and I truly appreciate yours. I am not used to hearing such nice things and you have really made my day. Twice. Thank you and I promise not to tag you for a while. Now i am off to give these awards to some really worthwhile blogs.
Sage and Savvy said…
I love roller coasters too...I hope my son enjoys them too because hubby is too afraid of them.

I don't care for snickers either, but my hubby loves them.
Anonymous said…
Oh I just LOVE your display case; it is so you!
Congratulations on all your awards, my goodness!
Dawn said…
Congratulations on the awards!! That shelf is SO cute!!!
penlighted said…
wow!! thank you very much for my first award...that is so kind..i appreciate it very much..

thank you thank you thank you!!!
JenniBeanV said…
I love roller coasters too! Wheeeeeee!

Congrats on your awards!
ali said…
Poor Snickers. It just wants to be loved. And eaten. And so it is my lifelong goal to never let them down.
Ms. Bar B: said…
Look at you Miss Lady with your accomplishments proudly displayed =).

You deserve every single one!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to help my friend, I know that your contribution will put her one step closer to getting the assistance that she and her family so greatly needs.

Have a wonderful weekend.
fly tie said…
lol @ the lobster trying to make a quick getaway.

congrats! :-)
mrsbear said…
I am a roller coaster junkie. Like you said, the bigger the better, and you can never have too many twist. Love the award display case. It is fancy.
angie said…
Wowsers! Congrats.
Threeboys1mommy said…
I love a nicely organized bookcase. Congrats on all your awards.
Kristen Andrews said…
I love the bookcase, that is cool! I gave you a award but you don't have to pass it on just know that I love your blog!

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