One of my favorite shows of all times is Curb Your Enthusiasm starring Larry David. If you are not familiar with Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is the co-creator and co-executive producer of Seinfield. Curb Your Enthusiasm is the kind of laugh out loud humor that I think we all can use a little bit of in our everyday lives. Just in case you are not familiar with Larry and even if you are, here is a clip from one of the shows to demonstrate his brand of humor.

I think my all time favorite storyline from the show was when Larry wanted to spice up things in the bedroom with his wife. She'd mentioned missing his visits down below so one day he decided to indulge her with a mid-afternoon romp including the requested act. Well cut to everyone satiated in the bed and Larry suddenly clearing his throat – ahem, ahem, - he had a “hair” caught in his throat. Now, this may not be funny to some but it was a riot, the look of horror on Larry’s face was priceless. The storyline carried on to the next episode when he told his friends and finally visited a doctor for his “ailment.” Needless to say I cried with laughter.

You may be sitting there asking yourself why is she talking about this? Well, when I was in the shower the other day with my razor I thought about all of the shaving that women have to do to be “properly groomed.” We remove hair from everywhere – our eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, legs, bikini area. You name it, we shave it. What if we all went on a shaving holiday? Unibrows would abound. Stray chin hairs would distract people from having normal conversations. Let’s not talk about what hairy armpits would do to the psyche of men(and women for that matter – I can’t stand to see a hairy armpit). And that image helped to cease all thoughts about the end of hair removal.

My brief moment of being enamored with the idea of never shaving passed quickly. This daily ritual is not one I would be able to give up – hair removal is high on my list of priorities, I don’t think a foray into an alternate universe where hair abounds is a place where I could comfortably exist.

You try it. Think of the hair removal holiday. Now think about the increase that would cause in the number of men visiting the doctor like Larry David.

In the words of the dearly departed Bernie Mac – “Let’s move on.”


Amazing_Grace said…
My girlfriend lived in Saudi Arabia and they shave EVERYTHING! She never told me why either, but I thought it was rather weird. LOL!
Petra said…
Hahahaha, I am laughing so hard right now thinking about Larry David with the hair caught in this throat!
hot garlic said…
Oh wow, now that I take a closer look I can see that they are diapers! Ha! I didn't even notice before, what a cute idea. I bet you are crazy busy getting these out for showers!

Thanks again so much for your nice comments and for sharing your blog with my friends. That is really sweet of you and it makes it so much more enjoyable for me to know that some one out there appreciates what I do!

Channah said…
Too funny! I'm here busting up with laughter at the image of Larry David trying to clear the hair from his throat!
Sage and Savvy said…
Actually...I've had a hair removal holiday once or twice after I gave birth. I just didn't have the time...and it was more like I just didn't remember to do those things (along w/brushing my teeth, showering, etc.) =)
You have been tagged :)
LadyJava said…
Hi.. totally unrelated to your post here.. but I wanted to thank you for stopping by and I love your Diaper cake.. it's so pretty!!
Weith Kick said…
Curb Your Enthusiasm is hilarious!!! Love that show!

A holiday for hairiness, you say? Hmmm? I'm not real big on hairy underarms on women.
Ooooh. And I was just getting ready to eat dinner.
Craft Junkie said…
I've never been a Curb Your Enthusiasm fan...but I may have to give it a 2nd try after reading this. LOL

BTW, I so love your "cakes"! How awesome! I've never seen anything like this around here. I need to feature you on my website. Very cool! *smile*
Anonymous said…
I wish I could shave so much, but some of us, particularly of the african descendant variety, get lots of ingrown hairs. I'm sorry I probably gross you out so much. Then again, maybe I'm not.
Fysty Mama said…
Although he is so not funny, this show would have been a good one. Hate I missed it!!
Connie said…
Thanks I'm literally LOL, really. I remember that show & loved it. And the hair removal holiday, I'm all for it. Men can take holidays and not shave & we get all red faces from kissing them so why shouldn't we have the opportunity. I doubt any man would turn us down...let's move on!
Renee said…
Actually I think that a break from hair removal is a good thing. I have not shaved since May24 and the world did not come to an end. If more people were to stop it would become the norm. It is all about what you are used to.
It is funny that you brought this up since I just made an appointment to get hair wax removal. I wish it was just a natural state of being. I wish I had seen that show!

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