And a Little More About Me

Yes, another meme. I have been tagged quite a bit this week. This one comes from Neurotic Mom a meme for 6 random things about me.

Six random things about me.

1. My skin is extremely sensitive. If I run my fingers across my skin it turns red. If I scratch myself it looks like I have been in a fight. The funny thing is this doesn't hurt or bother me. Other people bring it to my attention. Yesterday I noticed that I really scratched myself - it must have happened in my sleep because it looks as if a cat scratched me. I think this qualifies as random. The photo below is a cat scratching - get it? Maybe I am too tired to do this.


2. I call myself a pescatarian. I eat fish and seafood but haven't eaten poultry, beef, or pork since I was in college. Other people seem to have a problem with this and think if I visit they need to prepare something special but if there are side dishes I am fine (This photo incidentally is also the symbol for Pisces - which I am - but the fish are usually depicted with their bodies).

3. One of the most adventurous things I have done is white water rafting on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. These were grade 5 rapids and we had a 30 minute orientation before we went out. We fell out of the raft a couple of times and we were instructed to grab the raft and hold onto our paddles when this happened. Remember how I like to follow the rules? Well, one time I got a grip on the raft and had my paddle, I felt my grip loosening on the raft but wanted to keep my paddle. I ended up caught in the rapids down the river. Another raft picked me up but it was an adventure. My girlfriend also got caught in the rapids but ended up having to swim. She was so tired and distraught that when the rescue raft went to get her she had to be coerced off of the rock she was gripping. Dangerous yes and absolutely exhilarating!

4. One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen is Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The most fascinating thing about it is the rainbows that are formed in the mist from the falls.
5. I was the first female president of the Student Government at my high school and the second African-American to hold the position. I won by a landslide.

6. Long before I was married, I traveled to Paris alone and did not make housing arrangements prior to arriving because my friends told me it would be easy to find a place. Luckily I purchased Time Out Paris before arriving and read it on the train over from London. I went to a youth hostel but found dormitory living not my cup of tea. I ended up calling a guy I'd met on the internet who saved the day. He helped me find a decent place to stay right in the middle of Paris. He also took me on a tour. I've learned that although there are loads of crazy folks out there the kindness of strangers is unmatched (Would I do that now - not so sure, but at the time it seemed logical and the best alternative to the hostel).



Ms. Bar B: said…
The cat "scratching" is extra cute =)
Petra said…
I also have the same kind of skin problem, but for me, it gets REALLY itchy. I take Zyrtec EVERY DAY because otherwise I am miserable! You have done some really cool stuff, I am jealous!
mrsbear said…
Wow, you are one daring lady. That's awesome. Between all the meme's, you'll have your autobiography posted here in no time. I'm also a Pisces except I'm an
Christy said…
That picture (and your adventures in Africa) is amazing. I so hope I get there some day. That is awesome that you went to Paris by yourself like that--very adventurous. Going to another country by myself sometime is on my life list.
Jennifer said…
So glad you're not dead from the internet dude finding you a place to "stay." Oh, the stupid things we do as youngins!
fly tie said…
i admire how adventurous you are.

"I've learned that although there are loads of crazy folks out there the kindness of strangers is unmatched."

so true. i had a similar experience while on a spontaneous trip to brooklyn last summer.
JenniBeanV said…
Wow! You have traveled to some amazing places!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Thank you so much for your kind words, support, AND all of those great suggestions on how to move forward with being "me".

Like I said before, the fear is slowing starting to lift =).
fly tie said…
thanks for the concern. :-)

yeah, i'll be heading out early in the morning. i've got a scheduled blog post for 8:35 central time, so be on the lookout!
Joanie said…
I love that you've lived such a wonderful life and have so much of it left to live still! How many of us can say that?

I stand in awe. Okay, sit. I sit in awe.

And I absolutely love learning more about you. You're fascinating!
Amazing_Grace said…
You keep amazing me all the time! You go girl! :)

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