What is that sound?

There are bugs in my walls. Not the type of situation where I need to call the verminators But there is something that buzzes periodically in the wall of my office (the sitting room in my Master Bedroom, so this is potentially a really serious problem). I called the exterminators that deal with wasp/bee infestations and they suggest that I try spraying in the air conditioning vents to see if anything happens. They didn’t want to come out and charge me $200 if there were no wasps/bees/ etc. in my walls. I appreciate that. Saving money is always good.

The problem is that I haven’t tried spraying yet. Which may be a good thing. Hypothetically speaking, what if there are wasps or bees or some other stinging insects in my walls? And when I spray said insects decide to come out of the vents. What do I do then? Run? Could I possible outrun pissed off stinging insects? I think not.

When I was 13 I tried to outrun hornets and lost the race, badly. Hornet stings all over my breasts were the prize for me in that race. Don’t ask – let’s just say that as a child I was very inquisitive and hornets were living in my air conditioning vent. I wanted to see what they would do when riled up. Never for the life of me will I understand why I felt the need to open the window…..

Anyhow, I do know that there is something in the walls. Sometimes when I am sitting at the computer typing away I hear buzzing. Loud buzzing, disconcerting buzzing and honestly I don’t know what to do about it. I guess I can continue to sit here in denial and hope that it goes away. Perhaps once the summer is over these insects will die or take up residence elsewhere.

In the meantime, I will just hope and pray that whatever type of flying (possibly stinging) insects these are will not find their way out of the walls and into my office. Perhaps you can say a little prayer for me too!


Wendy said…
Aaack! This would drive me crazy! We have wasps taking up residence all around our house, too - it's a constant battle all summer. Under rocks, on the swingset, in the trees, under eaves. The only thing about ignoring them... just keep a close eye out that they don't find a way into your home!

Right now we have a mouse that has gotten in. So my remedy so far, until I work up the courage to set a trap and maybe have to [shudder] EMPTY IT one morning, is to let the little dog sleep out of her crate at night (and risk presents in the morning!) to discourage mouse from living here. Eeeeeek.
Zen Ventures said…
Ouch!!!But OK this is creepy. I hope they don't find their way out or just die inside your walls and be gone! Go get that spray and spray please....*shivers**
Anonymous said…
Creepy... sounds like the makings of a good horror novel!!!
Amazing_Grace said…
Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I wonder what buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is making buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz that buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz noise?
Erin said…
Oh, wow, I would so totally ignore the sounds and hope they die soon.
Heather said…
Oh my stars, I'll be praying that the buzzing things stay far, far away. That would freak me out.
Weith Kick said…
We had a bee infestation last year. Bees were flying in and out of a hole in the wall of our garage. Fortunately, they were not in the garage, only in the wall and the outside of the house. Then a guy came over and sprayed some stuff in the hole to kill the bees. Well, he didn't kill all the bees and those bees came out into our garage through holes where flourescent lights were. Luckily, none came through into the house anywhere. Get a pro.
I came here to help you with your button and you repay me with bugs in the wall stories??? hehe

Seriously would creep me out enough to never come back!
Petula Wright said…
Egads! I hate bugs... I feel violated when they enter my space. Well, I would probably do the same thing; ignore the never-ending buzz for awhile but eventually you're gonna have to address it. I mean, the end of summer is a long way away! Good luck.

BTW: I absolutely love love love your new design. It rocks hard!
Caroline said…
That's crazy, and that would totally freak me out. Girl, call you some VERMINATORS, pronto. They are trained to deal with that mess, whatever it is.

Your little guy is all kinds of adorable. And thank you for leaving me some comment love on my feature sits day yesterday! I also heart your cakes - lovely!

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