WAHM + Blogging = What time is it?

So I just started this blog last week and I have been learning a great deal in this short amount of time. I also recognize that I still have lots to learn. The most important thing for me to learn is how to manage my time more effectively. Because while I am a blogger (presumably to drive potential customers to my website), my primary business is consulting followed by Cutie Booty Cakes.

The thing is the blogs out there are calling my name ...... I am meeting other wonderful Mom bloggers and reading excellent material, I am getting caught up! So, I am back to the first step - admitting I have a problem. I have to set aside time to read blogs, write my blog, do my consulting and work on my business. Oh and of course care for my young son and my husband.

Which takes me back to - What time is it? I still need to go the grocery store, pay a bill, and finish that diaper cake!

I am off now to prioritize and get my mind in order.


Petula Wright said…
Well welcome to the blogging world! Yes, time management can be a problem. I've been behind on my to-do list for a year! LOL.

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself! I've never met a blogger so close before so this is exciting! I think the closest I've met is Canton.

BTW: My middle name is Renee and I used to go by that for the longest! See, we have a lot in common! :-)

See you around!
Heather said…
It's SO hard to find that balance between blogging and cleaning and cooking and running a business. I wish I had some sort of amazing answer for you. Let me know if you figure it out!
Anonymous said…
I 100% agree with you.... I used to blog and then found it too consuming quit for a loooong time, figured I could better handle it this time.... soooo far not so much I am also consumed... hope I can strike a balance because I don't want to give it up again I enjoy it far too much!!!
When that bug bites, it bites hard!
The balance is there for me some days, others forget it and I don't work!
Brittany said…
Welcome to the world of blogging. It's consuming and rough at first, but then it's a way of life...and somehow...everyone ends up getting fed:)
LiteralDan said…
Boy I tell you, some things are universal. Welcome to the addiction!

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