Summer Showers bring on the Nap!

My baby is asleep, it is dark here and I stayed up until after 2 a.m this morning working on a cake. I should be napping. But alas, here I am in the blogosphere reading posts and blogging. I can see how this can become addictive – but I like it! Anyhow, my little cutie booty (CB) and I went for a very quick walk – we spoke to a neighbor and after a 10 minute conversation CB and I started strolling. Not five minutes into the stroll it started raining. Not hard, just little droplets, it seemed like it would stop. But it started raining harder so I turned the stroller around and we made our way back home.

A quick disclaimer before your read the next bit– the point of the stroll was to get my baby to nap. So, instead of immediately going inside I walked back and forth a few times on my block before heading in, yes it was raining but very intermittently and I had his sun visor over him. The droplets actually felt quite nice in the midst of all of this humidity. Fortunately for me, my plan worked and CB was sleeping within minutes, sitting up! Alas, he awoke when I opened our door but with a quick cuddle he was back down for his nap and

I SHOULD BE SLEEPING! We are in midst of another Southern summer storm. The thunder is ominous and the cracks of lightening are not far behind. The wind is blowing and the rain is falling quickly…… sleep weather.

I will consider taking a nap.


Zen Ventures said…
ohmigosh! that just blows me away! your cake creation is awesome! I love sunflowers!!! - you go girl!

You said you were on twitter. What's ur user name so I can tweet with you...hurry please! (",)

btw, don't be afraid, I'm not a spammer. I saw your comment @ blogher...(",)

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