The Secret Weapon

All moms with children have secret weapons. You know what I am talking about, the one thing that will get your child in line quick fast and in a hurry. That card you play to avert meltdowns of nuclear magnitude. My secret weapon is Mother Goose Rocks! Mother Goose Rocks! is comprised of DVDs and CDs with spoofs of rock artists. You have Mono with ME2 (aka Bono with U2) singing Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes. The video features guest stars Oprah, The Pope, and our own George W. (who is unable to keep up and pats his head when everyone else in on knees)!

The best thing about these videos is that they are fun for both adults and children. The concept is amazing. Other videos include Frere Jacque with Dave Mathshoes (Dave Matthews) exploring the Louve, Mulberry Bush by Gwen Stuffuny, and Old Mother Hubbard by Punch Nose (Smash Mouth).

Some of the songs stay true to the original melody while others sing the words to music made famous by the parodied artist. Although they are all fun, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is the handsdown winner in the Cutie Booty Household. You can get the DVD on the website but you can also purchase the CD’s and download tunes for your iPod. Go to the website and view the sample videos, I challenge you to see if Mother Goose Rocks will work as your secret weapon too!


Kim said…
these sound great Renee!!
I will have to keep this in mind for the day when I become a
Tammy said…
Hey....Head and Shoulders is the best! My children are 7 and 13 so it does not work on them anymore. I really do miss those days. When the house is empty I do run around the house singing some of the old songs. My dog enjoys them. Really, his tail wags. He must feel extra special thinking I am singing just to him.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I did leave you a thank you over at the comments section.

Have a great day.
Amazing_Grace said…
All my mom would do to get us to behave quick was give us "the look". :)
Christy said…
That's funny! My kids are a little past that stage, but I totally wish it was around back then--I had to endure Barney for far too long.
Karolynn said…
I will have to check these videos out! I love your diaper cakes, they are beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Omigosh, I'm Googling it now.
Carrie said…
I really loves these cd's too. It'e really hard sometimes to sit and listen to kids music all day without losing your mind. Atleast these songs have a rockin beat. Thanks for reminding me of these.
Kaza said…
Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog today! LOVE the diaper cakes, what an awesome idea. Mother Goose Rocks sounds pretty cool, I'll have to check it out.
WOW! I love your cakes. I'm going to have to look into the dvd's. my 14 mo is starting to have "meltdowns".
angie said…
I've never even heard of them. I could use another secret weapon, so I'll have to check them out!
Mekhismom said…
Kim – this DVD is great and truly fun for the whole family.
Tammy – you are too funny, singing to the dogs is great.
AG – the look doesn’t work on my son yet. Maybe in a few months it will.
Chriisty – Barney is still on but we don’t watch that.
Karolynn –thank you for the compliment! You will enjoy the DVD.
MP – you won’t regret it.
Carrie – You are so welcome.
Kaza – thank you, I enjoyed visiting your blog.
Rock Creek - it will the best purchase and it works like a charm.
Angie – I found them when trying to find the tune for Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
I'm trying to get the girls into Nursery Rhymes, maybe this will help! :)

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