Rock On Barack!

I know this is not a political blog but I just finished listening to Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama give his speech in Berlin and I have to comment. This man has impressed me from day one. Day one for me was when I read his book “Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.” This book provides the reader with a first hand account of Senator Obama’s life. The beauty of this book lies in his storytelling. He connects with readers as he writes about his upbringing by his mother and grandparents, his visit to Kenya and his commitment to community organizing in Chicago. If you have not read this book I highly recommend it. I always like to form an opinion about a person based on first hand accounts rather than watered down interpretations from other sources.

Senator Obama’s book left me thinking that if he ever ran for President I would vote for him. In my opinion he is truly a “man of the people” and the United States is long overdue for that type of person in leadership. His speech today brought home that sentiment for me. Senator Obama covered issues that are relevant not only for the U.S. but for the world community. He provided a brief history of the relationship between Germany and the United States, highlighting the air lifts in the 40s providing food and sweets for the people of the country. Additionally he discussed the importance of having a strong European Union and the necessity to breakdown any walls (figuratively) or barriers that remain from the old school thinking. He spoke of the need to eradicate nuclear weapons and the necessity of the Allies to work together to end the war. He touched upon our collective responsibility - the crisis in Darfur, the Iranian Blogger, HIV/AIDS, caring for the Earth, Israel and Palestine. If you were unable to hear the speech please watch it online. I truly am not doing it justice.

Senator Obama was eloquent in his execution and thorough in content. I truly believe that if he is elected President that he will do his best to address all of the issues outlined in his speech. It is clearly obvious that I support Senator Obama and perhaps many of you do to. The one thing that I hope that everyone keeps in mind is that whoever we elect as our next President is going to have a lot of work to do. Eight years of mess will not be cleaned up overnight and anyone that believes things will suddenly change are deluding themselves.

Senator Obama's tagline is “Change you can believe in.” But this change will take time, this change will have to contend with opposition, and this change will require the support from the people of the United States. When his speech was completed Senator Obama greeted members of the crowd who were all enthusiastically trying to speak to him. The thousands of individuals that showed up to support Senator Obama today in Berlin clearly believe in him. Do you?


Christy said…
I am an Obama supporter. In July 2007 when the talk about who was running began, I began looking to him, and everyone was like, "Oba-who?" I campaigned for him during the primaries here in OH (not a fun task where everyone is republican) and I fully believe in him and believe that he should and will be the next president.

One thing that worries me is exactly what you addressed. This huge mess GWB has gotten us into is going to take a looong time to fix and I can hear people saying "I knew he couldn't follow through on his claims" already.

Rock on and GO BARACK!
Zen Ventures said…
I like barack too!!! so does my 4 year old daughter, she calls him rock obama! hehehe. Hey did u know that twitter crashed. I lost all my followers and people I'm following. Is it alright if I link with you instead. I'll go ahead and subscribe too! Thanks!!!!
Brittany said…
Word. Obama Mama all the way!
Erin said…
Yes, yes, and WORD!

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