Rest for the weary

Totally unbelievable but true - I took a nap today, let me qualify that, I took a nap tonight. I have been going full throttle for the past few weeks and it has finally caught up to me. My eyes were burning as my husband and I tried to spend quality time with my Mekhi, finally I had to admit defeat and retire to the bedroom. Of course I tried to work a little bit but I told myself I need to go ahead and get to bed. So, a 45 minute nap has done some wonders but I am going to call it a night early today. I need to.

Because in addition to working on my business, last night I tried to get the house together a bit. After living here a year I still haven't put my artwork on the walls or tried to rearrange the furniture - it looks good, but I still have to hang the art. I also did more tending to the house, in preparation for an interview regarding baby formula - who knew that the soy formula I had to give my son on a couple of occasions had high fructose corn syrup which is the worst type - it can lead to obesity and diabetes, thank God I nursed him! But I really am going to pay closer attention to labels.

On to diaper cakes - well I didn't construct one today however I did send one out on Monday I think it looks great, what do you think? I love this cake it is so cute, I changed some of the design elements from the first one I made in this style but I think it will be a great seller!


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