A quickie

Every Sunday my family and I go to breakfast. Usually I am in charge of getting our son ready for the trip. Today was different. My husband tried to dress my son (the clothes he put on him were too heavy for the weather), help him brush his teeth and wash his face. At the same time my husband was trying to get ready too. I was enjoying this break and checking in with the blogs that I read.

I hear - "Where is Mommy? Mommy? I can't get dressed with this boy following me!" I look over and say "It is called multi-tasking dear, I do it every week what is the big deal?" And then I removed the toothbrush dangling from my son's mouth as he chased his father around, scooped him up and put him in appropriate clothes for the weather. I am sure all of the mommies out there can relate.

I give my husband an A for effort, he truly was trying to help. But I think I will maintain my position and get my son ready for Sunday breakfast. Things go smoother and quicker that way.

Oh and by the way, my husband said "Two weeks ago you were Mommy, now you are the Blogger Cutie Booty Cakes. Where is Mommy?"

Mommy is right here, multi-tasking as usual.


Domestic Spaz said…
What adorable cakes! I'll have to come back and peruse more closer to October when I'll be hosting a baby shower.

I am hosting a Margarita Party, though it's been rather dull. :) You can get the link at my blog to check in with it - unfortunately, only a few girls managed to make it and none of them at the same time! Oh well. We'll try again next year!
Amazing_Grace said…
LOL! You have your hubby trained well, he tried. My father NEVER helped my mom with anything.
Christy said…
So true, so true...I love little routines like that. I hope you had a great time. :)
Glamorous WAHM said…
Oh, how I can so relate.

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