Sunday, July 20, 2008


As a WAHM, new business owner and diaper cake maker extraordinaire sometimes I neglect things as illustrated in the photo below.

This once lovely pool was a gift for my son from my mother (I hope she is not reading this!). Mekhi used it while Grandma was visiting but hasn't used it lately because we have had an inordinate number of wasps in our backyard. With the threat of wasp stings looming we have stayed out of the yard completely. I've kept the inflated pool under our portico with the hopes of using it in the future.

My cousin and his wife visited a couple of weeks ago with their dog. The dog stayed outside under the portico and we moved the pool to the grass. That day it poured down rain and the pool has sat there ever since. As I went through my to do list earlier this week I decided to empty the pool, to my surprise a frog had taken up residence so I left it alone.

Today I went to empty the pool and found a frog carcass with bugs feeding on it. I am thoroughly disgusted.

I guess this is what happens when things fall to the very bottom of the priority list (and yes I do see the irony of the frog meeting his untimely death in a frog pool)!


Brittany said...

I am in a similar situation. Neglected pool resulting inmosquito larvea...they are more trouble than they are worth.

Jamie said...

Same boat (pool) too.... only my kids are older so my pool was larger, kids used it once it got disgusting and now it is empty taking up a parking spot in our garage.... waiting to be filled.....

Amazing_Grace said...

It's such a cute pool! There must be something around to keep wasps away so you can enjoy your backyard.

Crystal said...

ewww!!! We never set up the pool this year, and this being the reason why! Love your blog!!

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